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Dr.Jimmy Rustler

Gun Crime Statistics - Need website sources

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The factsheets on this site might not be deemed "credible" - however, they carefully footnote the sources of all of their claims - so pull up the factsheets on gun control and you have a lot list of other resources you can probably locate on a website or access easily enough through a library. (Dept of Justice has a TON of studies btw - that's one of their core missions!)




Also, I can't find it at the moment, but there was a multi-city study of felons conducted by the Dept of Justice that found (if I recall correctly) 89% of the prisoners who were there for gun crimes had ALREADY been ex-felons when they committed that gun crime (and a large portion were on parole). This percentage was mirrored almost exactly in another study (an investigative report) by the NYT not too many years ago. They reviewed about a year's worth of solved homicides in NYC and found that 90% of the killers (many of whom undoubtedly used firearms) were already ex-felons when they committed the crime (and approx. half were on parole during the commission of those crimes). I'll dig around and try to find online sources for those. Why's that important? Well, because it shows that ex-felons - who cannot legally purchase guns - get them anyway. They don't follow the law. It also shows they are committing the lion's share of gun crime. Stiffer sentencing would do FAR more to reduce crime than gun control. 


I'll see if I can dig those 2 up. The NYT in particular might appeal to the average (leftist) professor. LOL.

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FBI Uniform Crime Reporting publishes lot of data. You can slice and dice it the way you see fit.


Here is "Murder" by weapon type, by State. 




wait seriously?? alabama had 1 murder in 2014?


Edit - oh, saw the  Limited supplemental homicide data were received.

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