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A4371 / S2830 — Firearm Violence Research Center at Rutgers

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A4371: Establishes Firearm Violence Research Center at Rutgers, The State University



Identical Bill Number: S2830    
Downey, Joann (D) as Primary Sponsor
Houghtaling, Eric (D) as Primary Sponsor
Vainieri Huttle, Valerie (D) as Primary Sponsor
Madden, Fred H., Jr. (D)   as Primary Sponsor
How they will pay for it:
"Under the bill, the Firearm Violence Research Center will be funded through an annual appropriation by the Legislature, and by any grants, gifts, donations, or other additional funds received by the center from public or private sources for research related to firearm violence."


(So they'll be taking tax money and Everytown for Gun Safety money, no possible conflicts of interest there…)


Scott Bach's take on it:

"It's an anti-gun think-tank which would squander millions in taxpayer dollars to legitimize gun grabs and limit the rights of honest citizens to defend themselves,” he said. “In the post-Orlando era of terror attacks on U.S. soil, our lawmakers should be looking for ways to empower citizens, not turn them into victims."

Source: www .politico. com /states /new-jersey /story /2016/12/ rutgers-would-have-a-gun-violence-research-center-under-new-legislation-107855

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Even the basic assumptions on this bill show bias... that it's focused only on gun violence for instance. Do they think the ex-felon who's been put back on the street yet again wouldn't just as happily stab you to death... as shoot you to death?


What they're doing is shoring up their future gun-grabbing efforts by setting up a new sham "echo chamber" that will appear to be really official and scholarly - even though the "research" will be run out of a very liberal school (and I'm a Rutgers grad, so I can say that)... and as you say, it will be at least partly funded by gun control groups. Gee... I wonder which way those studies are going to skew? Ridiculous. And I really resent my tax dollars going towards this bunk.


There is TONS of scholarly research on the causes of violence. We already know all of the causative factors. These folks aren't going to learn anything new or noteworthy as they burn through our money... but any skewed crap they come up with will be cited by NJ pols as they propose progressively more Draconian laws. Bach's comment was dead-on.

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