Contact Your Assembly Representatives To Oppose Revoking Christie's Justifiable Need Changes

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You can very easily use the NRA ILA link to contact your NJ Assembly Representatives to show your opposition to ACR117/ACR205 which will reject Christie's changes to justifiable need:




The vote is scheduled for today Monday December 19, 2016 at 13:00

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Any word on the vote yet?

I just fired up the browser to watch the Assembly session, but it looks like they've taken a recess

There are still members and staff in the chamber, but they're wandering around doing relatively nothing (which is the BEST thing for our Assembly to do!)



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Apparently, they succeeded.


Bearing Arms - NJ Lawmakers Deny appeal to fix 2nd Amendment Infringement...

Predictably, New Jersey’s anti-gun lawmakers claimed a “serious threats” standard was “too vague”

This was the best part. Hypocritical NewSpeak scumbags.



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    • By Smokin .50
      Story should hit the newsstands in this Sunday's paper.  Gave the reporter a 50 minute interview this afternoon on all sorts of EFF'd-Up NJ gun laws, justifiable need & how being KIDNAPPED TWICE by the same Biker Gang wasn't justifiable ENOUGH, Dustin Friedlander (Short Hills Mall), Carol Bowne DV homicide & how she'd be lookin' at 3.5-7 if she had a loaded gun with her in the SUV when her Ex stabbed her, Shaneen Allen arrest w/ permitted hand gun over the boarder, PTI, mandatory minimums, and how even cops have to get a P2P for their off duty gun(s)!  Enough STUPID to fill an entire story by itself.  I hope I'm treated fairly, as I was assured I would be.  I also hope I spoke up well for all of us here on the forum that want to see real changes for the better when it comes to NJ gun laws!
    • By Michael1776
      Michael J. Cino is the Chairman of the Constitutional Carry Coalition - we believe that "justifiable need" should be trashed - Please CALL TEN PEOPLE you know in the 5th Congressional District and ASK THEM TO VOTE FOR MICHAEL J. CINO IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY JUNE 7 AgainstTheEstablishment.com
      Then ask them to CALL TEN PEOPLE THEMSELVES

      and then ask those TEN to call TEN PEOPLE to Vote for Michael J. Cino in the 5th Congressional District on June 7 - it's the only way we are going to get rid of "justifiable need" and change the gun laws in New Jersey AgainstTheEstablishment.com
    • By mattio41
      I wanted to bring to your attention to a letter writing campaign. The "Justifiable Need" Project has kicked off a a campaign to write to your legislators asking them to support the Citizens Protection Act. Assembly Bill A3931 and Senate bill 1287. Everything is already filled out for you, all you have to do is, find your district, download the letters, sign and physically "Snail Mail" them. 
      The goal is to pressure our elected legislators to support our right to self defense, or to put it in writing, why they will not. Once that data is collected, it will be used in future campaigns.
      "You may ask, why not just send an email?
      That is actually a good question. The answer is that even though email is monitored, it is usually monitored by an intern who, after a few emails with the same subject, may not open or log them but just go ahead and bulk archive them for storage…unread. How likely is it that they will be seen by your Assemblyman or Senator?
      “Snail Mail” (USPS), on the other hand, has to be opened, stamped as received, categorized, and logged in. It must then be physically placed into someone’s inbox to be processed".
      The page can be found at www.justifiableneed.com/action. 
      Thank you for your consideration.
      Matthew Andras
      Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners

    • By almeida422
      Daniel Spafford is a Rutgers law school 3L and is slated to become a lawyer in the Spring of 2015. You can read his article in its entirety at www.justifiableneed.com under the "opinions" tab.
      It talks about the Shaneen Allen case, the Brian Aitken case and the fight of Albert Almeida that is fighting for carry rights of all in NJ.
    • By almeida422
      We are now entering phase 2 of this #2A campaign for NJ permits to carry gun “rights”. My case is scheduled for the 19th of this month to be heard at Sussex Co. Superior Court. Although I have hired the law firm of @Evannappen, I am confident that Richard Gilbert will present a very good argument on my behalf. Of course there is a 50/50 chance of us prevailing, but I am a realist and I place my odds more at 95/5. The low odds are not because of my case and arguments, but because that is just how NJ rolls on this issue.
      We have 2 other good cases pending on this issue in NJ, one is in NJ, and the other one waiting may be heard by SCOTUS. Even though these two other pending cases are strong, they do not have a police reported, documented death threat like it does for my case. For this is the reason why this case must continue to move forward. We must prove that in NJ, regardless if you have a profession that involves large amounts of cash and you fear of becoming a victim to an armed robber, if you are a good, law abiding citizen in NJ that wants a handgun for everyday defense of your life or a loved one, or if you are a person like me that has a documented credible death and robbery threat against you, in NJ you are not afforded your 2A right to defend yourself with a handgun outside of your home.
      We must continue litigation against the unjust “Justifiable Need” Admin code in NJ, regardless of how many cases are pending and of the outcome of my case on the 19th, this campaign must continue fighting for us all in NJ and that is my plan.
      Without your support, this may not be possible to continue moving forward and we will allow NJ’s unjust laws to prevail. Please help me fund this litigation so that we all have a chance of winning here.
      Even though I am a NRA Life Endowment member and a member of many more gun rights groups like SAF, GOA, NAGR, I have not received any financial support from these groups for this case, this can also be said for other NJ 2nd amendment rights groups in NJ that have not stepped forward and endorsed or supported this campaign for our gun rights.
      I have received financial donations and or verbal support from great Americans like you and other professional establishments like @GunforHire @Anthony colandro, I am completely independent in this campaign for now and I am relying on your support in helping this campaign move to the next phase 3
      If you donate $100.00 or more, I will send you a free one day guest pass to Woodland Park at gun for hire shooting range.
      RISE UP AND FIGHT WITH ME, or get out of my way because we are growing stronger each day!
      Thank you all that have and will continue to support this battle, Albert Almeida battling for NJ CCW 2A Rights and Liberties
      Please visit me at: http://www.gofundme.com/Fighting-for-NJ-CCW
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    • Apparently, you are being unreasonable, if the "research" gets in the way of purporting the desired agenda.   
    • I tried to contact the author for clarification on where the part about getting a gun in PA came from, but I didn't see any contact information. Am I being unreasonable expecting reporters to research their facts before printing an article? At least someone called out that fictional scenario in the comments section. 

    • Agreed. There's still a lot of "anti-gun" spin in the article. Although it's good that our folks got the "last word."  
      Excellent job Smokin!  
    • That mower, with a working engine, is worth about $2,000.00.  A problem/non working fixable machine can probably sell for about $750.00.  More if it's a hydro.  Harbor freight has 22HP vertical shaft engines for $800.00.  Relegating a commercial mower to a parts machine takes more than a blown engine. EDIT:  I just looked up Scag walk behinds and they only offer the 61" in a hydro.  So in it's current condition you can get close to $1,000.00 for it on CL or FB, If you slap a HF 22HP engine on it, you could sell for 3K.
    • The G2 trigger did cause some minor peening on the NPAP and C39V2 that I previously owned; however, the mushrooming settled down at around 500 round mark and it never impeded the functioning of either gun. You should be able to replace the TAPCO hammer with a surplus hammer without any issues; however, I think that you'd be fine with just taking a hobby file and knocking down the burrs on the carrier tail
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