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2 Different Glock Grip Modifications by Modern Materiel

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I have been wanting to get some grip work done on my 2 main carry guns for a long time. So today I caught up with Joe at Modern Materiel just after lunch and dropped off a G23 and a G35 to him for some work.


I got a call back around 8:00 tonight and he said to swing by and pick them up. I was shocked they were able to get them done that fast.


Glock 23:



I asked for an aggressive stipple job, remove top finger bump, shorted the length of pull, and relieve around the mag release. I usually carry my G23 with a SF X300U and a DG11 switch, so I didn't want the trigger guard undercut. To say I am pleased is an understatement.




Fits my hand like the proverbial glove. The outline is clean and straight and the texture is aggressive but not painful.




Glock 35:



My G35 got something different - a mix of epoxy and silicon carbide. The only mod to the grip was to have the space around the mag release relieved. The silicone carbide feels like the frame was dipped in liquid skateboard grip tape.




It sticks to your hand like your hand is make of velcro.



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Nice work. Looks great. Did they remove the upper finger grove on the 23 or was that previously done?

Joe removed the upper finger bump and textured the lower one. I was going to have them both removed, but after seeing how I grip the pistol, Joe talked me out of it and I'm glad he did. It feels like the grip was custom molded to my hand now, and that little bump locks the frame into my firing grip.

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HE- your guns look great....... well as good as a glock can look lol. Joe finished my shield in a night also and it's killing me that I've been so busy that I haven't had time to get back to pick it up. Friday can't come soon enough.

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Cage...2 industrial dr keyport NJ....stop by anytime...we love to talk guns...

Can I ship you a Glock? I'll send a copy of my d/l and FID as proof of my NJ address. I'm a fan of the fun on the left in the first photo. Like sandpaper.

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I have never been a fan of the pictures I see of stippling or the few examples I have seen in person. It always looks like someone took a soldering iron and haphazardly stabbed away at the grips and gave up caring how anything looks. Sort of like how hot glue always has that little 'tail' when you move the gun away, and you end up with a mess of hair-thin strands between the ugly blobs.


These stippling jobs however...I am impressed. These are the first jobs I have seen that would make me consider having it done on one of my own guns. I am really digging the straight stippling on that 19. If I had a gen2 or 3 Glock I might consider it even more...


Nice work guys!

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new pattern Joe posted



Is that on a Gen 3? Wondering if it will make a major difference on a Gen 4. Basically I sweat a lot, so I need something that's going to stay in my hand like glue. I'm planning on getting back into IDPA, so I need something I can shoot one handed that's not going to shift in my sweaty hand.

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44 minutes ago, SJG said:

can stippling on a handgun which is too aggressive be reduced?

You can probably just run some sandpaper over it to knock the tops off or shoot allot and develop calluses lol

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