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how to use my 4 pistol permits?

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ok so let me start by saying i dont make a ton of money. i am trying to find some pistols preferably in the 600 or less range but I don't mind saving up a bit for something nice either. I probably wouldn't spend more than 850 on anything since I owe a ton on my credit cards after xmas. I'm open for suggestions for all of them except the first since I already ordered one. heres what I'm thinking so far:


1. smith and Wesson m&p 40


this one I know I am getting for sure. I have always loved shooting .40 and I just love the look and feel of this gun.


2. a semi auto .22, maybe an s&w m&p again?


I really want a semi auto 22 that could potentially be a good suppressor host if the safe hearing act gets passed (fingers crossed). nothing beats a gun with cheap ammo either.


3. used glock 19 frame


this is purely because like I said I don't have a ton of money so I would like to buy a frame and get the upper portion at a later date. I am not the hugest fan of glocks which is why this one isn't a must its just a cheap option of how I could use a permit and end up with a pretty good gun later down the line.


4. something with a little more kick maybe a revolver?


I always enjoy shooting stuff with lots of recoil.. and I also love revolvers. idk I'm totally stumped. doesn't have to be a revolver though.

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The new Ruger Mark IV 22/45 would be a great .22lr and is on my short list. Not sure if it's threaded, but it looks like it is:




S&W Victory has a threaded barrel. Also look at the M&P 22 Compact and Walther PPQ 22. Both have threaded models. I won't recommend the Walther P22 since mine is picky with ammo.

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How to use 4 pistol permits.  One go to gun store and pick out four guns.   Pay for preferred guns and take one home, return in 30 days and take next one home.  Repeat the last step until all guns are picked up. 



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