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I'll have one thousand dollars to buy a firearm... what should I buy?

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I will have about 1000 extra dollars come Spring, and I want to use it to buy a nice firearm. Maximum is about 1200.


What should I buy?


I don't know... I already have Glock 22, Sig P938, Micro Desert Eagle, NAA Mini Revolver, Beretta Neos, M&P 15 Sport, Winchester Ranger 120, Albanian SKS.


Expensive I was thinking.... like Desert Eagle, SW 500, Chiappa Rhino. To satisfy my inner teenager.


Then I thought I could also get like two or three guns. Then I was thinking a nice 1911, like maybe a Kimber. Or maybe a decent over under shotgun. A FiveseveN? Is that even legal here? Expensive to shoot though. Sub2000 gen 2 possibly along with something else....


Any ideas guys?

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How about a 357 revolver like a L frame or GP100. You'll still have change to spend on other stuff.


A S&W 500 is might be impressive but shooting it is expensive even if you reload. Ask anyone who has one. They don't get shot much. If you need protection from polar bears and you can't carry a rifle it might be a good idea.

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If you can get away make a trip to Harrisburg PA in a few weeks to the Great American Outdoor Show:




You can then handle and lust over tons of firearms and I can guarantee you will be able to find something for $1000.


btw: It is mainly a display from the large manufacturers although some of the smaller vendors do sales of accessories.

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Arsenal ak

Vepr ak

A complete bcm rifle

S&w revolver of your caliber

Entry level higher end 1911


Honestly I'd wait a month and then invest in ammo/training. That's my goal this year


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    • That paragraph describes the method of securing a firearm when being transported under a number of clauses in that section. You have to read the whole thing. It begins with: So look back to see what 2C:39-5 says about handguns and rifles/shotguns: Note the 2 underlined parts. If you have a permit to carry a handgun, possession of a handgun is not a crime. Therefore, you cannot be exempted, because there is no offence to be exempted from. However, almost nobody ever gets a permit to carry a handgun so almost all of us have to work under the exemptions for handguns. If you have an FPIC, possession of a rifle or shotgun is not a crime. Therefore, you cannot be exempted, because there is no offence to be exempted from. Notice that there is no mention of a loaded handgun, therefore all handguns are treated the same, loaded or not which is how carry permit holders can carry loaded handguns - it is not until you are forced to transport under the exemptions that being unloaded is required for handguns. However, possession of loaded rifles or shotguns is specifically called out as an offence. The thing you may realize from this is that if you have an FPIC, you do not have to adhere to 2C:39-6.g and can have the unloaded rifle or shotgun uncased. That is not to say you wouldn't potentially get jammed up under another charge, such as causing a public alarm or disturbance if you were walking down Main St with it on a sling, but you're not committing a firearms offence per se. Now go back and read what HE and I have said before - do not take my word for any of this. I am not a lawyer and this advice is worth no more than what you paid me for it. Read the whole of 2C:39 and 2C:58 and the relevant parts of the Admin Code, and then decide for yourself whether you believe me or need to ask someone who is actually qualified to explain this.
    • The statutes for transporting firearms do not specify handguns, but seem to apply to all firearms?   2C:39-6 g.   Any weapon being transported under paragraph (2) of subsection b., subsection e., or paragraph (1) or (3) of subsection f. of this section shall be carried unloaded and contained in a closed and fastened case, gunbox, securely tied package, or locked in the trunk of the automobile in which it is being transported, and in the course of travel shall include only deviations as are reasonably necessary under the circumstances.
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