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590 Shockwave, NJ legal?

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The legality is ridiculous.  I remember a few years ago a gun shop in my area sold a bunch of Benelli M4's with pistol grips.  A BUNCH.  They had to call the customers back to the shop and return the guns.  So, anything is possible. 

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15 hours ago, High Exposure said:

Correct. Over 26", smoothbore/Shotgun barrel less than 18", a manual action, and has never had a shoulder stock attached to it. This is classified as a Firearm, not an AOW as per the Gun Control Act - just like those Black Aces shotguns.


Keep in mind there are two definitions in play, the GCA and the NFA when classifying these weapons and they are Federal definitions. States can restrict them further - as NJ has done requiring a P2P to acquire one.


Thank you yes I was a bit off - my point was that it is not a SBS -

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