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son of sam

Optics, knives and other Sportsman products-

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Found this dealer in NJ that sells only American Made sportsmans and tactical products. They also manufacture their own line of high quality knives. I emailed them for a question and they sent me back a discount and free shipping code. 

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Yes he has... And he also posted an add to hire a Apprentice for HP Machine Shop... When you go to HP-Tacticl website it says HP Machine Shop..


So he is promoting his own company... why not just say so... whats with all the BS about find this great all american business... is he trying to avoid sponsor fees or something...



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 Hasn't this guy brought up the same shop before?


I have. In the blades forum. 

Did he ever find the trainee? 


I found several. Hired them all and thinned them out until I found the best balance of eagerness to learn, ability to show up, intelligence and work ethics. Had to. Its a big investment (5+ years) for me to bring a guy off the street and up to machinist level. Posting on NJGF seems like a good way to offer work to others who are similar minded as myself and may be looking for work.

whats with all the BS about find this great all american business... is he trying to avoid sponsor fees or something...


Its a new venture and not making enough cash flow in order to support advertising fees. If I want to sell at the lowest possible price and offer the best deals into a sport/hobby that I love I have to cut corners someplace. Advertising is that place at this time. NJGF is a research and learning tool as well as a social place for me. I didnt want other member to feel as if I was cramming product down their throat. Sorry if thats offensive or breaks the rules to mention a company I own in the third party. I will refrain from it in all future posts.

I'm a little disappointed to see they don't manufacture their own hatchets.


We dont forge in house and I dont want to get into re-branding other manufacturers products as our own. Heirloom Knives, Tacticool games, reloading blocks and a few other items are made in house. Everything else is from quality American manufacturers that make the product in the USA. The one exception are the Wicked Edge sharpeners. In that case they are an American company but the product is mostly imported.IMO they offer the best value in sharpeners.

Hope this doesnt discourage anyone. Discount code "ship1016" will get you 10% off and free shipping. Everything is already listed at the lowest allowed (manufacturer MAP) prices. In good faith I will avoid mentioning in any further conversations on NJGF. Feel free to ask any questions on this thread or PM me.

BTW- HP Machine as you may have guessed owns We are a immigrant (Hungarian) founded company. Formed in 1964 and serving primarily Laboratory, Glass, and Food manufacturers.

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What kind of experience are you looking for?


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That was an old ad. We have since filled the entry position. I can only oversee one entry trainee at a time and maintain our quality However, we keep resume on file for future hire and always call them before running an ad. Feel free to e-mail your resume to or fax to 856-692-1445.

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