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Delaware to ban ALL non-Resident carry permits

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Don't know if this is old news, but I just saw it today.



As of September 23, 2017 Delaware will no longer honor non-resident Concealed Carry Permits issued by any jurisdiction.



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Am I missing something? I couldn't find anything in that link that said anything about not recognizing non resident permits. I couldn't find anything authoritative on the internet either.

Agreed. I just read through it, and it appears to only apply to Delawarians who have a non resident from another state but not a Delaware permit.


But again, should the Hudson bill pass it won't matter, even to Delaware residents.

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I'll assure those that asked that when I posted the original link it clearly stated the cut-off date, but it appears the state did not like the responses they were getting and quickly edited the page to not include that information.  The page as it was presented can be seen here:  https://blog.princelaw.com/2017/02/15/delaware-changes-concealed-weapons-agreements-not-for-the-better/


You can clearly see at the bottom of the table what it had said:







(Class 1 permits only)



(Enhanced Permits Only)






Further, Delaware will no longer recognize non-resident permits issued by any state beginning on September 23, 2017.

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They've updated the official page since last night: http://attorneygeneral.delaware.gov/criminal/concealedweapons.shtml

For non-Delaware residents who wish to carry a concealed weapon in Delaware, pursuant to Delaware Code Title 11 Section 1441, the Attorney General has the responsibility to enforce the following: “The State of Delaware shall give full faith and credit and shall otherwise honor and give full force and effect to all licenses/permits issued to the citizens of other states where those issuing states also give full faith and credit and otherwise honor the licenses issued by the State of Delaware pursuant to this section and where those licenses/permits are issued by authority pursuant to state law and which afford a reasonably similar degree of protection as is provided by licensure in Delaware and publish a list of reciprocal states annually on January 15.”


For the period January 15, 2017 to January 14, 2018, Delaware will recognize the concealed deadly weapon licenses or permits issued by states listed below:


{list of states can be seen at official website}


The list of states with reciprocal privileges is published on January 15 each year. Any additional reciprocal states would be posted on January 15 and be effective immediately. The removal of reciprocal privileges from any state would be posted by January 15 to take effect one year later. The Department of Justice is currently reviewing a number of other states’ CCDW approval procedures to ensure that they meet the requirements of Delaware Code for those states’ permits to be recognized in Delaware. To the extent that any states are deemed to no longer meet the requirements of Delaware law, that will be noted on January 15, 2018 and the change in reciprocal recognition (if there is any) will occur on January 15, 2019. [The Department apologizes for misleading language with respect to this process that was posted from Feb. 10-15, 2017.]


Persons who have a concealed deadly weapons license or permit issued by one of the states listed above will be able to lawfully possess a concealed deadly weapon while visiting or traveling through Delaware. However, such persons will be subject to and are responsible for knowing and obeying all of Delaware's laws and regulations that apply to the carrying and possession of concealed or openly-carried deadly weapons.


It appears that DE is taking the same stance as PA, telling residents they need to spend their licensing money at home. The big difference is that they did not screw all the out-of-state license holders in the process.

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It appears our non res CCW will continue to work in Delaware! https://blog.princelaw.com/2017/02/17/delaware-backpedals-on-concealed-carry-changes/


"The AG’s Office does issue an apology for the confusion of the language that was posted from February 10-15th."


They dropped the entire "ANY NON RES" verbiage and is saying that any further changes in reciprocity will appear on January 15, 2017 and go into effect 1 year

later on January 15, 2018.  We are good to go in Delaware for at least the next couple of years! YAAAAAAAAY! :good: :good: :good:

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National Reciprocity would solve this confusion once and for all.

Write call your congressman!

Tom McArthur is the ONLY NJ Congressman from NJ that signed on!

Put the pressure on the rest of them!

Regarding our douche bag senators, you might was well piss on your shoes.

Menendez still has a VERY good chance of getting a guilty charge against him but Booker is a dangerous, lying animal.

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