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New Jersey Arms Collectors Club - April 20, 8pm at Kenilworth Veterans Center

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Regular Meeting, Doors Open at 7:00pm. Guest Fee: $5.

· Presentation at 8:00pm: The Other Krag by Will Jones. The presentation will focus on Krag Rifles other than the US .30/40 Krag



· On Display: Guns of Spain and South America


Kenilworth Veterans Center 
33 21st Street South 
Kenilworth, NJ 07033 

Garden State Parkway to Exit 138, Kenilworth.  

Alternate Route (North West Jersey) 
Turn LEFT (West) on Kenilworth Boulevard.
Go Three Lights to 21st Street South. Turn LEFT. 
Hall is about 100 yards on Right -- Parking is on left, opposite hall. 


Route I-287 South to Route 24 East. Route 24 East to JCN I-78 East (Bear Right) Exit for Route 124 West Springfield. About 1 mile from ramp are two sets of traffic lights.  Stay in Right Lane, DO NOT TURN. Procede through the light onto Meisel Ave (509). Follow signs for Parkway.  Meisel Ave becomes Kenilworth Blvd, continue Straight (509 Turns Right and goes to Westfield) (First Light past Kenilworth High School)Turn right on 21st Street South. 

Alternate Route (From Route 22 East) 

Turn RIGHT on Michigan Ave (McDonalds on corner). 
Turn RIGHT at First Light onto Kenilworth Blvd 
Turn LEFT at next light onto 21st Street South. 
Hall is about 100 yards on Right -- Parking is opposite hall on left.

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Went to the meeting last night as a guest. Some interesting stuff on tables; good convos about historic and modern firearms; and an interesting presentation on the Battle of Connecticut Farms, which took place right in the area. I'll definitely be back to check out the Krag presentation in April.



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Regular Meeting scheduled for Thursday April 20, 2017
Kenilworth Veterans Center
Doors open at 7:00pm

Presentation:  The Other Krag -  Krag Rifles other than the US 30/40 Issue  - by  Will Jones

On Display:   Rifles of Spain and South America

Hope to see you there.

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    • By GoldenKnight
      In celebration of the 120th Anniversary of the SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR the SHONGUM SPORTMEN’S ASSOCIATION
      Invites you to participate in the SPAN - AM Vintage Marksmanship Competition
      Saturday March 24th, 2018
      Registration 9am, Rifle Contest till 1pm, Lunch 1pm, Pistols 2-4pm

      Compete with your Late 19th Century Antiques. Re-Enactors are encouraged to participate in uniform (Optional)
      Shongum Sportsmen’s Chapel Hill Range: Jane’s Chapel Road, Mansfield, NJ. From Center of Hackettstown, take ROUTE 46 WEST.  Two Miles west of  Rt 517, turn LEFT onto  RUSSLING RD (by Best’s Fruit Farm).  At end, (1.5 miles)  Turn LEFT onto BARKER’S MILL RD (.2 Miles.)  Turn RIGHT onto MT BETHEL RD.  for 1 mile, Turn RIGHT onto JANE’S CHAPEL ROAD   Range approx  1 Mile on RIGHT
      $30.00* for Complete Series or $10.00 per Event. For Non-NRA  Members. Re-entry $2.00. 
      $20.00 for Complete Series or $5.00 per event for Police, Military, NRA / Shongum Members. Re-entry $1.00
      Includes Grilled Bully Beef, Crackers, Pork & Beans and Soda Lunch
      PRIZES:  Trophy to the Best in Each Class
      FIREARMS: Antiques, Curios and Relics and reproductions of the Late 19th century (Original Stocks and Sights unless noted)
      NOTE: Due to the age of these vintage firearms it is important that you have them checked by a competent gunsmith and seriously consider the quality of ammunition being used, especially reloads made by a non licensed person.

      1.      INSURRECTO                  Remington or Oviedo 43 cal Rolling Block (Black powder recommended))
      2.      LAS GUASIMAS                Any pre 1898 model Mauser in 7MM
      3.     SIEGE OF SANTIAGO de CUBA  Springfield Trapdoor Rifle(BP recommended, avoid hunting ammo for stronger actions)
      4.      EL CANEY                        Springfield Krag Rifle
      5.      SIGNAL CORPS               Springfield Trapdoor Carbine (Be sure to use carbine loads not rifle or hunting ammo)
      6.      KETTLE HILL                   Krag carbine or 93 Mauser carbine in 7MM
      7.      GUANTANAMO                 Lee Navy 6MM (Please have gun checked by gunsmith and use quality ammo)*
      8.      POST WAR CONSTABULARY Winchester 95 carbine in 30/40,Philippine Constabulary carbine or equivalent
      9.     POST WAR HUNTER                    Sporterized Krag, any hunting rifle in 6MM Navy or 30 US Army (30/40)
      10.   NATIONAL GUARD/MILITIA   Any 45/70 or 50/70 military post  Civil War rifle except Springfield Trapdoor in 45/70
      11.   OPEN CLASS                        Any longarm not listed above but documented as being used in SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR. (e.g. 1891 Argentine Mauser, Winchester 73)      
      12.  COLT 38 REVOLVER           Colt New Army and Navy Revolver in 38 Colt.
      13.  OPEN CLASS                        Any handgun except the Colt New Army and Navy  or Colt SAA Artillery that is documented as being used in Spanish - American War. Examples . S&W No 3 (Schofield), C96 in 7.63, ORBEA HERMANOS 11mm, MERWIN HULBERT
      14. POST WAR PACIFICATION  Colt SAA Artillery, Colt Philippine or Alaskan DAA, or Colt 1909, or New Service in 45 Colt
            *This event will be run at the end of the other long arm events and will be exclusive on the range.
      SHOOT CHAIRMAN STAN GURSKI –     732-388-1202
    • By GoldenKnight
      New Jersey Arms Collectors Club - Meeting Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017.  Doors open at 7:00 PM
      Presentation:  –  WW-II German Uniforms - A Collectors Guide to Detecting Original, Restored and Reproductions
      by Mike K.
      On Display:     European Semi-Auto Long Arms, German Field Gear
      Web Site:
      Directions: Garden State Parkway to exit 138 (Kenilworth). Make a left and go three lights on Kenilworth Boulevard to 21st Street South. Make a left. Veterans' Center is about 100 yards on the right, parking on the left. Alternate: Route 24 East to Exit 9B onto Morris Avenue East to Union. Right on Meisel Avenue straight to Boulevard in Kenilworth, then right onto 21st Street South at the light.
      Historical Winter Firearms Marksmanship Contest  - Jan. 20, 2018 at Cherry Ridge Range, Highland Lakes, NJ
    • By GoldenKnight
      In Honor of the Men and Women Who Endured The Rigors of Winter Combat from Valley Forge to Korea And To Demonstrate Personal Skill with Relics of History
      The New Jersey Arms Collector’s Club Inc. Invites You to Participate With
      Historical Winter Firearms in A Marksmanship Contest 
      Saturday, January 20 , 2018
      SNOW DATE JAN 21st`(CALL RANGE at 973 764-1333 for closings)
       Highland Lakes, NJ -- Off Canistear Road, 4 Mi. North of Rt. 23
      SIGHT-IN:  9:00 am – 10:00 am -  MATCHES:  10:00 am - 1:00 pm  Lunch: 1:00 – 2:00
       ENTRY FEES*  $30 ($10 discount to NJACC members and active, reserve, retired military with ID card)
      Family rate-$50 for two benches(children, in laws, grandparents etc.)plus $5 for each meal
      Full Entry Fee includes Lunch in Club House & VENISON STEW and Hot Beverages during shoot
      ($5.00 Lunch Only)
      *Note:  Price Differential for Non-Members is applicable towards Membership Dues. 
      PRIZES:  Trophies to Best in Each Class(plus best female and youngster)
      FIREARMS:Repro or original BP.  Curios and Relics of the Period.  Original style Stocks and Sights
      Winter  trigger guards acceptable. Winter triggers if approved by range safety officer.
      Don’t forget Hats, Gloves and Boots as well as hearing and eye protection!!!
      Contests Require 10 Shots in 2 Minutes at 50 Yards(except #12,15,16,20,&21)
      Any Position Including Bench * Rifles must be fired from shoulder unless medically excused.(no sleds)
      1. BATTLE OF TRENTON                          Any Smoothbore Flintlock  - 5 shots in 15 minutes
      2. MOUNTAIN MAN (Revenant award-new)  Any Civilian  Flint or Percussion Rifle - 10 Shots/15 Minutes
      3. FREDERICSBURG                                Any C W Battle weapon not using fixed ammo  - 10 Shots / 15 Minutes                           .
      4. WINTER WAR                                       Any Finnish or Russian Mosin Nagant,Suomi 31 semi auto.         
      5. BALKAN FRONT                                   Any Yugoslav, Austrian, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian or Greek WWII era bolt action rifle (post war rebuilt Yugos are OK)
      6. EASTERN FRONT SEMI-AUTO           G-41, G-43, Tokarev 38 and SVT-40. Suomi M31 Semi Auto
      7. BATTLE OF THE BULGE BOLT            98K, Springfield ’03,03A1,03A3 Enfield P14/1917 MKIII/IV
      8. BATTLE OF HUERTGEN FOREST       M1 Garand, G-43, G-41
      9. SCANDANAVIAN SERVICE                  Any Swedish, Norwegian or Danish Krag, Mauser,AG42b.
      10. ALPINE DEFENSE                              Any Swiss, Italian, French, or Austrian Mil. Bolt or Semi Auto
      11. CHOSIN RESERVOIR                         M1,SAFN, Mosin Nagant, Jap 38,99, Mauser 98,SKS,Enfield #3,4
      12  AFGHAN HILLS                                  Any NJ Legal Semi-Auto, 5.56, 7.62 Nato, 7.62 x 39, 5.45 x 39(100yds)
      13. KLONDIKE                                          Any Black Powder Cartridge Firearm(smokeless or duplex ammo OK)                                                                    
      14. ALASKA HUNTER                              Any Sporter Rifle, inc Sporterized Military, (Iron Sights)
      15. WINTER SNIPER (SIMO HAYHA AWARD)  Military Sniper Rifle w/Original style Optics,FINN 28/30-1 Shot 100yd.
      16. POLAR BEAR                                     Any Sport,Sporterized Military Rifle with Scope 6.5mm or+ (100 yds)
      17. CPT GRIEST 1LT HAVER TROPHY    Best Female Shooter  (in honor of the Ranger School graduates)
      18. YOUNG WARRIOR                               Any Shooter Under 18 Years -any event
      19. WINTER OLYMPIAN                            Any Rimfire /pellet Rifle( 17 or 22), -no magnifying optics
      20. WINTER  PLINKER                             Any scoped Rimfire(17 or 22)  Rifle (100 yards)
      21. DESIGNATED MARKSMAN (NEW EVENT)  Any military scoped rifle in 7.62 NATO or Russian R (10 shots)
      PUBLIC INVITED -  Shoot Chairman – STAN GURSKI  732 388-1202
    • By GoldenKnight
      In celebration of the 72tnd Anniversary of the Defeat of the Japanese Imperial Forces    
      Shongum Sportsmen's Association
      Invites you to participate in the V. J. Day 
      Marksmanship Competition
      Saturday August 26th , 2017
      Registration 9AM, Rifle Contest till 1PM, Lunch 1PM, Pistols 2-4pm
      Compete with your WWII Era Pacific Theater Rifles and Pistols
      WWII Re-Enactors are encouraged to participate in uniform
      Shongum Sportsmen’s Chapel Hill Range
        363 Janes Chapel Road, Mansfield(Oxford), NJ 07863-3511
      From Center of Hackettstown, take ROUTE 46 WEST.  Two Miles west of  Rt 517, turn LEFT onto  RUSSLING RD (by Best’s Fruit Farm).  At end, (1.5 miles)  Turn LEFT onto BARKER’S MILL RD (.2 Miles.)  Turn RIGHT onto MT BETHEL RD.  for 1 mile,
      Turn RIGHT onto JANES CHAPEL ROAD   Range approx  1 Mile on RIGHT
      $30.00*  for Guests (Extra targets $1 each). Family/significant others: $60 for two benches and up to 6 competitors.10 targets per shooter 
      Includes Rice Cakes, Hot Dogs, Liberty Cabbage, Pork & Beans and Soft Drinks Lunch
      PRIZES:  Trophy to the Best in Each Class
      FIREARMS: Curios and Relics of the WWII Pacific Theater
      (Original Stocks and Sights)
                              TOKYO ROSE TROPHY:  For Best Female Score.  Douglas MacArthur Award: Best score for person under 18

      1.      MANCHURIA-                      JAPANESE TYPE-30,38   MOD 98 MAUSER, GERMAN MOD 88/05 or CHINESE HANYANG 
      2.      GUADALCANAL                  ’03,03A1 SPRINGFIELD, Johnson 1941, ANY 6.5 JAPANESETYPE 38 or TYPE I(Italian)
      3.      BATAAN                               US M1917 ENFIELD, ANY JAPANESE 6.5 OR 7.7MM Long RIFLE
      4.      OKINAWA                            ‘03A3, M-1 GARAND, ANY JAPANESE 6.5 OR 7.7MM SERVICE RIFLE or CARBINE
      5.      BURMA                               TYPE-38 OR TYPE 44 JAPANESE CARBINE, #5 ENFIELD JUNGLE CARBINE                          
      6.      MANDALAY-                        ANY JAPANESE SERVICE RIFLE,BRITISH #3 SMLE OR #4 ENFIELD
      7.      PACIFIC SNIPER                 TYPE-97 OR TYPE-99 WITH ORIGINAL SCOPE, ‘03A4, 1942 USMC, M1C-SNIPER, #1 MK-IV(T)  (1 SHOT – 100 YARDS)
      9.     MARINE RAIDER                       Thompson/Reising Carbine (Target will be full size silhouette)
      10.   GUNG HO                                   M1,1911 , 24 shots 30 cal, 7 shots 45, Prone, kneeling and offhand. 100,75,50,25 yds
      11.   TENNOUHEIKA BANZAI           Jap rifle with bayonet attached, off hand (Target will be full size silhouette)
      12.   EDSON'S RIDGE                        Semi Auto Browning BAR,1917 or 1919.
      13.   PHILLIPINE SCOUT                   M1 with affixed 1905 bayonet,wearing a M1917 helmet (Khakis optional)   16 rounds in 2 min
                                          HANDGUN CONTESTS REQUIRE 12 SHOTS EACH @ 50 feet  – STANDING ONE-HAND
      14.   SAMURAI TROPHY                    ANY JAPANESE SERVICE PISTOL OR REVOLVER TYPE : 26, 14,  94, Nambu
                                          TRENCH/RIOT GUN AND PISTOL COMBINATION SNIPER ELIMINATION EVENT (5 12 GA 00B, 6 pistol)
      16.  PALM TREE CLEARANCE       12 GA  Shotgun 20 inch barrel and GI Handgun 45 or 38 SPL ( 25 yards) (No Federal FliteControl OO)


      SHOOT CHAIRMAN STAN GURSKI –     732-388-1202
    • By GoldenKnight
      Regularly Scheduled Meeting - Thursday May 18, 2017.  Guest fee: $5.00

      Kenilworth Veterans Center, 33 S. 21st Street, Kenilworth

      Doors open at 7:00 PM

      Presentation:  Mosin Nagants: the Affordable Collectible - Part 1: Russian, Soviet and Finnish Capture Mosins by Stan Gurski
      I will be giving a presentation on collecting Mosin rifles describing some under appreciated variations that are available at modest cost.

      Guest fee for non members is $5 and you can purchase a sandwich and drink for $6 if you wish. Go to for more information and directions. Or just reply to me.
      Stanley Gurski

      ON DISPLAY:  Combloc Rifles
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    • Good day
      I am not a NJ resident for about 15 yrs now thank goodness.
      Anyway I have a friend who can no longer shoot and has a few shotguns he is looking to unload legally. First off can he just ship them to me in NC or can I just pick them up?
      Next if sells them F-F in NJ does the buyer need a permit?
      Thank you from NC.
    • What is any of this going to do in New Jersey? What I would like to see from the NRA, ARPCNJ and any other organization fighting for gun rights in this state, is to use what's in place to our advantage rather that to make extreme changes. We already have an FID system in place in this state, hate it or not, this can be our biggest leg to stand on. To be a gun owner in this state, you need to vet yourself legally & medically in this state before you can buy a gun. It's a big enough of an obstacle to climb that whatever your reason for wanting a gun is, that you can't climb over that obstacle without thought, rather you need to carefully and safely find a way to climb over that obstacle or you walk away. With that being said, why are the people of NJ who have carefully and safely climbed that obstacle being punished as a result of something that didn't happen in this state, and wouldn't have happened in this state? With that being said, our Argument can be why should legal and responsible gun owners (99.999999% of FID holders in New Jersey) be punished? Group punishment doesn't work, and rather than throw even more overly redundant laws at us, allow us to own non-NFA weapons unconditionally. Require to show an FID to buy standard capacity mags, take the stupid laws off the "scary features" of a rifle. Allow us to carry if we apply for it, there is no reason to deny our rights if we have proven that we are responsible gun owners. This should be our Rhetoric and using what's already in place to our advantage. Politicians solution of banning things isn't the answer to keeping guns out of the hands of the wrong people.
    • The main concern is just "giving in" in general... and especially, without a counter concession (like national reciprocity, etc.). You give the antis one inch, they'll want a mile, the next day.... and 2 miles the next day thereafter, and 4 miles the following day, etc. etc. until they have everything they want. We cannot give one inch... not one.    
    • I’m a paramedic recovering from surgery so I’m cross trained in 9-1-1 dispatch until I return to the street. I have a little insight from the other side of these devices. If you don’t know: the alert company receives the alarm, tries to contact the owner and get some information. If the person is having an emergency or if the company can’t reach the owner the company will call the 9-1-1 center covering the owner. A little information is exchanged and resources are sent. Life Alert and some others will give a call back number for their monitoring facility, a reference number and sometimes a clients number along with the client name and major medical history. They will call back a little later and follow up (they want a simple disposition like accidental, pt transported to the hospital or “he won’t be needing your services any more”). I am not responsible for trying to contact family members when these alerts come in. Make sure whatever company you use will contact you. I would prefer to deal with one of the companies that give 9-1-1 a call back number and a reference number if I were getting one for my mother.  There are a number of companies that will call and just give the address and nothing more. They don’t even give me a call back number so if the occupant is in bad shape I can’t get in touch with them for them to notify Family.  Just some things to think about. 
    • Yeah, Roberts is kinda flaky.  We have to be careful with him. I know that "Notorious RBG" says she won't retire, but I don't know if she can hang on that long.  We'll have to see.  But yes, the "youngin's" (Sotomayor, Kagan, etc.) won't retire any time soon...  
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