11th Circuit Attacks 2nd Amendment

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From this article:


"I have a constitutional and a human right, guaranteed under the Second Amendment, to defend my family, my life, and my home.


Unless, of course, the people pounding on the door are cops who:


1) had no search warrant

2) didn’t turn on their emergency lights

3) didn’t identify themselves as police

4) misunderstood a neighbor’s directions

5) showed up at the wrong house, the house of a completely innocent man.


Then, my right to defend myself turns into a right to die in two seconds flat, without firing a shot or even chambering a round."


We need to understand what is happening legally assigning authority and responsibility to our law enforcement.


Or lack of it.

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If I take one of these home invasion classes and I told them "the scenario is it's late at night and someone is pounding on the door and I feel like I should have my gun in my hand"


Will the instructors tell me how I should be opening the door or will they tell me "if you felt like you would only open the door armed you should probably just call the police that someone is banging on your door"

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As long as raids of that type are permitted you can't blame the cop for shooting if someone was pointing a gun at him. In the real world however everybody over the age of 12 or so knows that every cop on that detail will swear on a stack of bibles that the homeowner pointed a gun at the officer, whether that actually occurred or not. They will say whatever they have to say to get their coworker off the hook. Without surveillance video it's their word against the dead guy's, basically. Their word against the testimony of the dog piss stain on the rug. Period, end of story.


Raids like this should be banned except for instances where the perp is dangerous and cannot otherwise be apprehended. 


They won't because they generate business for the "justice" industry. 


P.S. I would never open the door in that situation. I'd make sure the woman was safe and retreat to where I could see them but they couldn't see me, with my SKS (soon to be AK). That's what those guns are for. That would give an extra second or two to determine if these guys need some holes. 

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