m57/tokarev iwb hybrid holster? (and probably unrelated discussion)

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somewhere along the line i picked up a tidbit that yo should have a holster or a sling for every weapon you own.i try to have 1 for each within reason both iwb and owb for my go to guns.


my wife and i just had our 2nd boy  and wgile i went with the whole ring route for the "push present" she got me this:

1965 (zastava m57)


shes a keeper. talked old man in to one and i fell hard for his, ive had a woody for the gun since goldeneye on N64, i was like 13, and they were beast dual wielded, anyway awesome wife aside

im picking up my surplus yugo holster for it tomorrow, but i want to pick up a iwb, preferably hybrid style because why not.


the only one ive found so far is from, but ive never heard of him, and wasnt sure if anyone else had feedback or a suggestion


and really any other tokarev love or  info,

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I like your thinking in that all handguns, well all defensive handguns, should have a holster. But would you consider that firearm a "defensive" one?

i would consider that to be a defensive one, but i consider every gun to be an option if need be. pretymuch anything that aint  black powder is better then nothin and fight your way to somethin better


You get her a present and she let's you "push"


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its one of those women decided that the kid from our loins wasnt enough, because jewlery kind of thing, but hey i got a gshock and a tokarev, and well two beautiful baby boys (awww) out of the deal so im not complaining


I have an mdj iwb tuckable. It's a crossbreed look alike. Quality is good. Price is reasonable.

you use it often? bout how long/much?

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So i got the MDJ today, and wore it for a few hours, i must say better then i expected for both the holster and the gun for carry


i have iwb by n82 tactical, aliengear and now this, so thats my reference. the plastic seams nicer on the mdj, but the breathable backers are nicer on the others

id buy another from them in a hearbeat 

the tok caried better then my BEagle in the aliengear (i have OWB belt for this one) but my compact xdm (also have owb as well) is obviously still the more comfortable and concealable. all in all im impresed by these things enough i think im gonna get a shell for my RTI belt



ammo is ppu JHP, still need to run some for testing in this particular pistol

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