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Looking for an Enfield gunsmith

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There's a guy at Cheyenne mountain in Bordentown , I can't remember his name , that works behind the counter whose real into milsurp and was VERY knowledgeable in enfields . For the life of me I can't remember his name . He would be a good one to start with if you're local to that area.

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    • Thanks again.  I think the 3.5 hours may turn into 6 or 7 for me but it seems doable.
    • I've had a full frame apx for about a year now. I got it pre covid for 350 and it was a solid buy. Trigger stock is pretty fantastic for a cheap plastic framed gun. I put a reduced power striker spring in and it felt really nice pre and post install. The mag release is very positive and easy to hit. Slide hold open is hard to use like a standard Glock one. I wouldn't mind an aftermarket extended one like Glocks have. Especially hard when used as a lefty slide release. Fit and finish is solid. The modularity is inferior to that of the sig. It requires a lot more operations and the spring and pin fiddling can be a pain the first few times. Not really a big deal unless u like swapping frames around like a mad man, but I do have one with finger grooves and one with out and I've swapped back and forth at least 2 or 3 times. And it's easier to do each time. However, actual field stripping is simpler than even the Glock. However, the pin can be rather stiff to rotate initially. The dingus for the firing pin black is weird but I don't foresee it causing any issues. Not particularly sure why it needed to exist but w/e. Sights are good. Nothing to write home about but are easier to pick up on when drawing the pistol. The slide design is meh. Tim from MAC is right. It's not as easy to grip as traditional slide cuts are, but it does the job. I have not put it through a mud test to see how slippery it may get, but I can assume MACs results are quite representative of the nature of the beast. Mags are steel which is cool. Solidly built.  And weren't stupid expensive when I started getting myself a uspsa setup.  Overall for 350 bucks it was a steal when I got it on GunBroker pre covid pricing. I know they are gone up since. I'd say even at a price comparable to a Glock 19, a Glock needs a trigger to feel like the apx does in terms of shootability, so I'd say it's still an ok alternative to another Glock should you have one. But if you want really good 3rd party support, glock would be the clear winner. As that's what hurts the apx most.
    • Oh hey!! Welcome! I also live in Morris County (I'm from Morris Township) and recently bought my first home! I'm not so new to shooting/ guns as I've been shooting for almost 20 years and a gun owner for almost 15. Local public ranges have turned me off with such long wait times lately so I joined a private one (Cherry Ridge in Vernon. It's a drive, but scenic and worth it to me) Locally, I'm about 10-15 minutes from the shotgun practice range at the Chester WMA, Black River. And I head there for some quick clay busting when the mood strikes.  Feel free to reach out to me if you wanna chat about local spots!  Rhi
    • Used search... not much info .... looking for feedback as I'm looking for an alternative to an AR-15
    • Hello!   Soon to be new gun owner here in West Morris County; waiting on the NICS to clear on a Beretta 92A1 from my LGS. It was tough researching what to buy vs what was available until I held that beauty in my hand. Sold! Easy, haha. For some reason I had this idea stuck in my head that I wanted to wait until I owned a home until I armed myself. In retrospect, I have no idea why I enforced such a dumb rule on myself. It’s almost like growing up in a nanny state brainwashed me or something, haha. Missed out on years I could have been learning! Now that I do own a home, oh boy, the timing of this couldn’t have been any (sarcastically) better, uh. Sorry for being amongst the millions contributing to all the shortages out there. On a positive note, despite all the horror stories I heard, the FID & permit process went smooth for me. A quick background, I have limited experience with firearms; mostly from time living in CO & NC and visiting friends in other states. I don’t have a lot of time behind the trigger by any means, but I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to use a fairly wide range of guns over the years. That’s one of the main attractions for me when visiting one of these states! And friends get a kick out of watching the Jersey-boy blast a watermelon to pulp for the first time, haha. Locally, I have been to RTSP in Randolph a few times to rent and to take a beginners class. Nice facilities and helpful staff from my experience. On my most recent visit I was met by an hour long wait to get on the range though, ouch. As you all know, haha, there’s not many options to shoot round here, jeez! I will more than likely stick with RTSP and their by-the-hour range for now, but I have inquired about membership to a couple other clubs. I would prefer to gain some proficiency with the Beretta before moving on to a second gun. A shotgun will most likely be purchase #2 since I have friends who trap shoot locally and that would provide another layer of HD if, hopefully never, needed. I must thank the community here for maintaining the wealth of knowledge contained on these forums. In a state like NJ with all the confusing laws, rules, restrictions, exceptions and exemptions this place is an invaluable resource to someone just starting out. Thank you all!   Keith  
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