Stop The TRANSCO Pipeline & Compressor Station In Central NJ.

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Companies like Williams/Transco do not provide residential service. They supply JCP&L, NJNG,Brooklyn Union etc. If you were to try to tap into that line with a drill and hose make sure you say good-bye to everyone and thing you know within a mile of your house. A lot of my family, including myself worked for Transco over the years. They have pumping and metering stations all over the place that you don't even know about. 

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On 4/9/2017 at 4:29 PM, Family1st said:

Its great to see so much feed back, At first read it scared the hell out of me. I'm pretty guarded after hearing what fracking did to surrounding communities.   


Lou:  The Benzine release is simply a fear tactic?   Cause once again I'm sure they say its safe because they don't live nowhere in the area. 

I realize I mentally attached this compressor station to be as bad as fracking.  Thats my bad.  


The last thing i want to do is stop someone from earning a living.  I haul out of Rock Quarry's every night.  One in particualr is litteraly a stones through from condo assoc.  When we work out of there were going in and out from 8pm to 7am.  It must be hell for the residents.  I try to be as quite as possible.  No exhaust brake, Wont slam gate. Etc.  But you can only be so quite with dump truck. And I know if it were up to the residents I'd be out of job.  


My main concern is if its safe to surrounding communities.  


I realize I need to research more about the project.  

If you thing compressing is like fracking you don't know anything about either.

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On 4/8/2017 at 5:25 PM, Malsua said:

My only issue about pipelines and compressor stations and the like?


They ought to provide gas to the local areas.


The Tennessee gas pipeline is less than 2000 feet from my house and I have to use propane.  Some anti-gun hipster douchebag in Westchester gets cheap heat, I just get a nice big scar through the woods where the pipeline is.  Yeah, it pisses me off ;)

Tap into that sombitch..


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