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WTS Trek 300 Navigator Women's/Girls Bike $109

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Size label in pict.  I would think this will fit anyone from 4" 11" to 5'4 or so. This is my Wife's bike, she rode it infreqently, it has a kickstand, reflectors, a bell, the back of the stock seat has a light, no clue if it lights up or needs batteries. My wife wants to keep the mirror and a small led light for a new one.The post on the seat also telescopes so you can adjust this bike for height etc,24 gears,quality derailer mechanism, multi color, blue, silver some black and white stripes. The tires and paint are in excellent condition. This bike is a Trek and sold for around $400 new. It has an  adjustable seatpost and a comfort seat on it. The local bike shop told me as a used bike it is worth at least $125. Note, if you cannot pick up here are two options: If you send me an email authorization and assume full responsibility, you can have a friend or relative pick up; (2) I will make the bike available for pick up but you have to pay the cost of shipping, by any carrier you choose, but they have to box it and take it away, most carriers have a bike box and will do this.


pm me if you want it


Union County








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