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This thread is worthless without pictures.



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I don't know Zeke, but this is a clear violation of basic man law. Wives and children are always off limits. What are you thinking?

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I don't know Zeke, but this is a clear violation of basic man law. Wife and children are always off limits. What are you thinking?

Unclench, my friend. ''Twas a joke. I suggest you check out a few of the other threads for similar examples.


Now if Zeke or, more importantly, Mrs were offended then I truly apologize.


I welcome Mrs Zeke. In addition to contributing informative posts of her own, hopefully she can correct the spelling, grammar, syntax, and content of her husband's.

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All ready in trouble for my Avatar.....

My party is over. Going( gonna) to have to form complete and coherent sentences ....

And posts

God that was hard

That's what you got in trouble for? Your avatar? I'll have to dig up some threads and send her links. Or is that against he guy-code too?


I'll admit I thought your avatar was a ballet dancer...



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I'm so confused. He has a ballet dancer as his avatar and she has PVC pipe. You can even see the purple primer.

ETA: Zeke help getting the term right



Pipe jealousy does not look good on you.

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    • Was going to say, even the original series of Miami Vice is terrific as far as guns go.
    • Bro? NJ people "generally" know how to drive. It's all the PA and NY drivers up here that are terrible

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    • Ok all you Yankees coming down here to Florida , I don't want to hear that nobody knows how to drive ... nobody is from down hear anymore .. and I don't care how you did t up north .. nobody ever said when I retire im moving up to NJ  
    • I do like the scope. I'm having a hard time not picking up the Henry and tricking it out similarly. You know for when you need to shoot a t-rex thru a brick wall

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    • 1. .38/.357 Snubnose Revolver
      -S&W 642-1... also converted to 9mm

      2. Pump Shotgun
      -Remington 870 Police

      3. An Old West Style Gun
      -Uberti 1860 Henry Steel frame

      4. Polymer Service Pistol
      -Glock 30S

      5. Large Bore Revolver (.41+)
      -S&W 629-1

      6. Defensive Carbine (aka Assualt/Black Rifle)
      -AR (have a 5.56mm or a .45 D/I)

      7. .22lr Pistol
      -NAA Sidewinder (.22 LR and Magnum)

      8. European Mil Surp
      -Yugo M48A

      9. .38/.357 Target or Service Revolver

      10. .45acp 1911
      -Ruger SR1911

      11. American Mil Surp
      -Garand, but to be different... a Custer era Springfield Trapdoor Carbine

      12. "Something for your Wife/Girlfriend"
      -Ithaca 37

      13. .22lr Rifle
      -Ruger 10/22 Takedown

      14. Wonder Nine Pistol
      -Beretta 92 Inox Brigadier

      15. Pocket Pistol/Mouse Gun
      -Ruger LCP

      16. SxS or O/U Shotgun
      -Mossberg SRII

      17. -SIG P938 SAS

      18. NFA/Class III

      19. Firearm You Forgot You Owned
      -Nagant 1895

      20. Something "Evil Looking"

      21. "Pair of" or Duplicate Gun
      -Remington 11-87s (slug and field guns)

      22. Curio and Relic
      -Mosin Nagant PU sniper or M38

      23. Inherited/Gifted Firearm
      -Marlin 60

      24. Bolt Action Hunting Rifle
      -Remington Model 7 (going more to a precision rifle instead of hunting)

      25. Something that made your wife/girlfriend angry

      Hopefully, I can fill one of those in the next year or two. No chance in hell I'm getting a .38/.357 service revolver.
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