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+100 for Jack, fantastic experience

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Picked up my new Sig Legion from Jack on Saturday, lightening fast turn around from ordering to delivery, very knowledgeable, outstanding customer service, best prices, and overall a fantastic experience. He is probably the easiest gun dealer to get into contact with. 

I would highly recommend Jack and JT Custom Guns.


Thanks again Jack!!

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    • By Zuko94
      Purchased a H&k VP40 from Jack and the entire experience was great. The customer care, attention to detail far exceeded my expectations. 
      i had a great time talking with jack about ideas and future purchases. 
      I can say without a doubt that i will recommend friends and family in search of a gun to see Jack.  The entire transaction from start to finish was perfect.
      Jack, thanks for your help with my purchase and far exceeding what customer service is.
      already talking to the wife about the walther PPQ.
       great job thanks again
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    • Not comply, because compliance equals acceptance.

      Will gladly put money towards lawsuits handled by lawyers who have won.

      Will not give money if the same old players are involved with the same old stupid plans of showing up in Trenton and at people's houses. It doesn't work. Trying the same thing over and over but expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

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    • I will say the ride of the Raptor (gen2) is a lot more like a 3/4 ton truck. Nothing like a half ton imo. All half tons feel like they are cars compared to 3/4 + ton trucks.  Ive had all kinds but wouldn’t buy another 3/4 ton truck unless I absolutely needed it for towing or plowing. They aren’t cheap, fuel mileage is usually crap unloaded. Depends on your needs really.  That being said, the Fords look the best imo. Haven’t been up on the diesel wars lately but i think the 6.7l is a ford motor and not Navistar. Assume Dodge is still using a Cummins and Chevy still using that Isuzu motor/ Allison trans combo?
    • If like to see this thread gain some momentum! 
    • He's right. See Norway and Australia.

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