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    • I have a Wilson Combat commander 9mm I just got on a trade that I might sell but if you are only into NH then I understand. I’m sort of the same on Wilson. Not a fan boy but they build a pretty good 1911 just like NH. 
    • I used to attend the meetings with the NRA and State of NJ back in the early 90's in Clinton Twp. just before the NRA deemed NJ a lost cause.....man were they ever spot on....it's been down hill ever since, almost 30 yrs worth. What your suggesting is ridiculous at this point, IMO. Unfortunately all the money you donate or the clubs you join won't make a dent here....NJ has been run by the State Authority ever since I can remember and that's awhile and it's not changing, haven't you noticed. Highest Insurance rates, taxes, permits, fees and alike.....ya can't do anything here unless someone tells you it's alright first and how much it's going to cost.....so tell me, who's kiddin' who. Join your clubs, keep electing and  payin' NJ Lawyers like Nappin......ya don't even know when your being takin' advantage of....it's over......get a new plan and new people, the old one don't work.....OMO.
    • He said flat out I could sue but I’d be a target in that area the rest of my life. My family is all around this area so I didn’t.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Details in this case if for another thread. Just stating that Nappen helped me a lot and never asked for any money. Only time it came up was when I was meeting with the nra and they were gonna pay

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    • Did you and Nappen make an example out of them, the same way the state crucifies some people to make an example out of them, like the guy with the 300 year old black powder pistol charged with a felony? Or, did Nappen stop once the heat was off of you and he was not getting any more attention from the media? Nappen may have helped you, and I'm truly happy for you that it turned out well.  But, make no mistake, Nappen profited from that case. 
    • We're gonna give it our BEST SHOT!  So you do the same my friend