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6 hours ago, bhunted said:

Still cannot log in with Tapa... Says Log In Failed, You are not logged in or you do not have permission to do this action.



When did you try logging in?

Tapatalk is working and has been as of a few days ago.

Overnight went through a MAJOR move, including an ip change, so tapatalk might of been slow to respond?  In any case, we had an announcement on it a bit ago. =)

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51 minutes ago, bhunted said:

Opps, another bug. Cant get into first amendment lounge. Doesn't ask for password. Just says something like to tell the admin there is a prob.

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On tapatalk? on here? 

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Still cannot log in with Tapa... Says Log In Failed, You are not logged in or you do not have permission to do this action.



Working fine for me on android phone.


Didn't realize there was another page.


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On tapatalk? on here? 

Yes, the lounge area though. If I click new unread messages and a 1st Amend is one, I click it and says there is a prob where I'd think it would want a password.

Also, Tapa on my ipad is fubar but iphone seems ok except for lounge. Going to experiment with ipad. On iphone here now.

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35 minutes ago, bhunted said:


Yes, the lounge area though. If I click new unread messages and a 1st Amend is one, I click it and says there is a prob where I'd think it would want a password.

Also, Tapa on my ipad is fubar but iphone seems ok except for lounge. Going to experiment with ipad. On iphone here now.

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That is a tapatalk issue and not sure how to have resolved, that would be an app issue on their end.  Open up a support ticket with them.

Maybe related in some way to the tapatalk wide issue they were having?  Have yet to see what that was all about.


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    • By Maksim
      Good morning ladies and gents.
      Really excited to announce the roll out of our latest project, one that has been in the making for quite some time however finally allowed with the new forum updates that we have done.
      NJGF's database of gun stores and ranges.
      I really wanted to create the Yelp or TripAdvisor for gun stores in NJ so here it is. =)
      It is still a work in progress however featured enough to warrant a general roll out.  Please watch the video and help contribute to the database.
    • By Maksim
      Over the next few weeks I will be making videos showing you how to make the most out of the various forum features.  
      Updates & Upgrades
      Setting up your notifications.
    • By darrenlobo
      If you live in or near the Philly area come on out & support gun rights!
      Wednesday, November 20, 2013 7:00pm until 9:00pm Swarthmore Borough Hall, 121 Park Ave, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1536
      Three interesting and controversial topics will be explored to discover which generate enough interest to have a debate on at a future date. After each presentation audience questions will be answered by the presenters. Come out and let your voice be heard!

      Gun Rights - Presented by Darren Wolfe. He presently blogs as The International Libertarian ( is the former Eastern Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. Darren is presently the area contact for Come Home America ( a politically neutral peace movement.

      Immigration - Presented by Corina E. Ramos. Bio and picture to be added when received.

      Right to Privacy - Presented by James Babb, a libertarian activist in Philadelphia. He is a father and small business owner. He is known as a champion for individual rights. One of his notable projects is, a grassroots organization that has taken on the Transportation Security Administration. James believes that all people have an inherent right to travel with dignity, unmolested my government agents. He has also been a candidate for congress with the Libertarian Party.

      Click for MAP:  
    • By Maksim
      Holy my, the forum is over 5 and a half years old, and we have grown quite a bit year over year.  Thank you to everyone, particularly those that have been here since the beginning.  Over 5 years ago, standing in my port shooting at Brick Armory, I came to the realization that New Jersey did not have a place for gun owners to connect socially and share their knowledge and grow their friendships.  Your typical day shooting was going to the range, unpacking your guns, blasting off a few boxes of ammo, packing up, checking out the store, and going home.  Your source for new information was the gun store and the employees.  In the world of facebook, linked in, and other resources, why not a NJ centric community, for and by gun owners, the same guys you shoot the talk with at the range?  Thus the idea was born.
      Since the beginning, it was a word of mouth effort, which then expanded into weekly group shoots, and thus we grew.  The forum was an extension of existing friendships and a place (online presence) to bring new gun owners into the fold.  For the most part, everyone on the forum treated everyone as they would their friends... because they were their friends, often times, meeting them on a regular basis.  As such, there was no need for moderation as friends typically treat each other with respect in their day to day interactions, both on and off the forum.
      Over the years, with the growing and now vast amount of resources on the forum, the growing word of mouth referrals, gun shop and gun club advertising, and very much the power of Google, the forum grew... and grew far beyond what I ever imagined day 1.
      With online growth, where currently the majority of new members and forum visitors came from search engines.  With that, came people who treated the forum as a forum first, and not a community.  These are the people who have creative usernames, and have no interest in developing relationships, and mostly on the forum for initially the information, or beyond that, entertainment, often at the expense of others.  While these people may not necessarily break any forum rules, they make the experience worse for everyone involved... yet if removed from the forum, become martyrs for others and thus make the staff and myself seem as over-reaching moderators.  While we most of the people we interact with know it is not true, it does get bothersome when time is wasted dealing with petty, sophomoric behavior of a few. A large, growing, vibrant community is a double edged sword, in that while it creates a far better resource and community as a whole, more structure is needed and we can no longer rely purely on the gentleman's guidelines of treat others as you would want to be treated.  Unfortunately, there are people who get a rise out of irritating someone. 
      As we go into our 6th year as a forum, we knew a few things needed to change, including allowing more leeway in the discussion of gun related topics.  We also want to restore the community to the high standards of how friends treat each other, while at the same time, allow people to have a place to vent or discuss without the pressure of having to constantly monitoring yourself. 
      For those reasons, here are the changes and enhancements we are introducing.
      The Litterbox
      A general forum, that any member can post in, to discuss any topics, including politics, current events, conspiracy theories, and/or other topics that may be controversial.
      It is located in the "New Jersey & More" section, at the bottom of the section. Direct Link - This section IS NOT moderated by myself or any staff member.  How you present yourself through your posts is all on you.  We ask that you use your judgement, however no one will cry wolf if you post something idiotic, controversial or potentially something that shows your true colors, and someone does not agree with you.   This is the place to vent or discuss anything that is bothering you, that is not PG-13, something you would not want your boss or kids to see, or you want someone else to see by accident. The section is password protected, which you will have to enter the first time you enter it, and or you revisit from a different computer.  It will ask you to re-enter it every so often.  Password is "trashcan" NO Spam, Nudity or Pornography.  Topics DO NOT show up under "New Content" or "Recent Topics".  This way, people who do not want to go down to the lowest level, or see controversial topics, do not have to see it, unless they ACTIVELY look for it. You still can subscribe and follow content there. By entering the password at prompt, and entering the section, you agree to abide by the rules above.  You are on your own, we will not step in to defend your reputation if you offend someone with something you post. What happens in the "Litterbox" stays there.  AKA, FightClub. Premier Member Sections
      Politics section is now, at least for foreseeable future, a Polite, Gentleman's Politics section, where you can discuss with other Premier members, at the HIGHEST ethical levels. Anything controversial will be moved to the litterbox. "Tinfoil & Conspiracy Theories" section was merged into the Litterbox. All other Premier member benefits stay the same and more stuff will be rolled out. Remainder of NJ Gun Forums
      So... we now have a place for the people who did not feel like supporting the forum, a place to discuss politics, and whatever else, in a way to not disrupt and bring down the overall quality of people and posts in the main sections of NJ Gun Forums.
      Because there is now an outlet for the topics that may be more controversial, we will be STRICTLY enforcing an ethical and high moral level of decorum throughout the rest of the forum.  There will be ZERO Tolerance for anything besides the highest respect you can show anyone.   With that...
      Bucket 3 - General Section will now be family friendly, PG-13 section, safe enough to show.  The general guideline is this... if you would be embarrassed to have a young child reading it with your name on it, it does not belong here, and belongs in the Litterbox.  
      For anyone that became a Premier Member primarily with the purpose of posting in the politics section, now that you can freely discuss politics as a regular NJGF member, I will be happy to refund 50% of your last Premier Member fee, and will donate the other 50% to NJ2AS and charity of choice at year end.  You can send me a pm and will take care of it.
      Staff Changes
      Over the past few months I have not been able to dedicate the hours a day I was on the forum, for a variety of reasons.  Going forward will still be dealing with a family health issue, and for that reason and just the massive growth the forum has enjoyed, under much good advice, I am delegating more and more to the fine forum staff that we have.  With that, I want to thank Troy (67gtonut) for the good advice I have received, and announce that he has graciously accepted the position of Co-Admin, focusing on the overall day to day operations and decorum of the forum.  
      I have known Troy since the beginning and he was always willing to help with any projects, but most of all, shares the HIGHEST moral expectations as I do.   
      Troy will work with the rest of the moderators in keeping and making NJGF the ultimate firearms community anywhere around.  
      With Troy having the ability to focus on the forum, I will be focusing on the business development of the forum, focusing on any tech and vendor business, as well as anything marketplace related.  Obviously, I am always here for anyone, to discuss anything, be it for compliments, complaints or suggestions.  Over the last few years I have been trying to do too much by myself and it had taken a toll on me, but most importantly with the personal stuff going on, I can no longer do it all. =)
      We are always looking for help, so if you would like to help in any way, be it suggestions or want to join the staff, reach out to myself or Troy, and we will be glad to accept it.  There is a big list of other stuff that we are working on, and will roll things out as we finish out 2013.
      Last but not least, I want to give a huge thank you to Jon for holding the fort and doing more than I could of expect over the past few months.   Life calls and we all have priorities, and I can't ask anyone to take time away from their family for this.
      As always, thank you all for your support and contributions to making NJ Gun Forums what we are.  As I take a step back and look at where we are now from the initial idea...Holy my.
    • By Maksim
      Well.... that was fun.

      If you tried getting on the forum in the past 24 hours you likely noticed that it was down for maintenance. There was a critical security update that needed to be performed which forced downtown, so took the opportunity to complete part of the planned upgrades and most importantly, the move to a new server.

      The forum has been updated to the newest version of the software, which brings some bug fixes, compatibility fixes, as well as general updates and upgrades. By having the software updated, it lays the foundation to the up and coming awesome features that we are working on adding over the next few weeks. (hey, I don't want to let the cat completely out of the bag).

      More importantly.... we are on our new server! After testing and playing with it over the past 2 months, made the move to it.
      With the massive forum growth, 5,000 members and counting, the generally crappy political environment, many new shooters, the forum traffic had increased significantly to the point that we were forced to do hardware updates on almost a monthly basis.
      So even though I was not planning on moving just yet..., having to do the security update forced my hand a tad early.

      The new server is significantly faster, with a ton more processing power that will serve us for some time to come, and once again, give us the flexibility and ability to do some really cool stuff in the future. =)

      Because we had to move the forum to a new server, at a new datacenter, individual internet service providers may take some time to properly point your browser to the new IP address.... give it some time, but if you are reading this message, you are here. =) This should fully resolve and not be an issue within 24 to 48 hours.

      In any case, I am sure there will be some fixing here and there that will have to happen, and new features that will be discovered. If you run into anything, start a new thread in this section and will help best we can.

      Known things....
      Tapatalk not connecting..... Investigating but I think they have not updated it or.... Their servers did not propagate to the new ip yet.... Will give 24 hours. Solved
      Intermittent slowness.....    We still have to make some tweeks to the server.... so bear with us.    This will be resolved over next few days.
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    • Well I see several that I have, including multiples in the Class III catagory.                              I also see quite a few that I would not have if they were free [and I had to keep them]!!!                                                               Wonder just what the thought process was that created this list???                                   Sarge       
    • I like them too. But then I shot an M&P.
    • I am a "Glock Guy" through and through but they are not the only ones I own. I have 4 Glocks: 23, 27, 30 and 35. I carry one everyday for work, when I'm not at work I shoot my 35 for competition and that has been my go to gun for over 10 years now. I carry the 27 90% of the time away from and I just bought the 30. However there are so many great company's out there and most gun guys I know that are "Glock Guys" all have a 1911 and a few others in their collections. If i'm not wearing the 27 you will find a Springfield XDs .45acp tucked in my waist band.
    • Just signed up and just found out about this site. I am an avid shooter and try to shoot 3-4 times a month at a minimum. I use to shoot competition and am looking to get back into it. Looking forward using this forum to its fullest!
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