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Hey folks!

You've been pestering the mods about them and I want to sincerely thank everyone for wanting forum shirts and bearing with me.  Finalizing a few ideas and working out some details so looking for indications of interest before committing to a quantity with the shop.

The design will be the same as we did the previous time and you can see more pictures in the previous thread. 

njgf blk shirt.jpg

Big logo on the back with the shooting logo on the front chest.  

Colors that we are planning on are White (as you can see Nick wearing in the video below), Black, Charcoal, Olive (OD) and Dark Maroon.






These will be tagless, made by Hanes, although may not be branded Hanes.  Sizes to be available up to 6XL.  100% cotton, heavy weight. (6.1 oz)

Prices will be in line with what we had the last two times, around $14 for MOST sizes, with an upcharged for 2XL and greater.

Timeframe, looking to get ideas over the next 5 days and will take about 10 days to get them.

Will be able to ship them to you or meet up, or potentially dropped off with some of our vendors? =)  Shipping should be around $3 for 1 shirt and flat rate for 2 more more.

Please let me know in this thread your interests and will get them reserved, and once we have an idea of the quantities, will set them up in the shopping cart here for you guys to check out and pay whichever way you would like.

There WILL be a discount to our premier members and for members who have been here since the very early days!

Thanks all!


Pickup Locations:

Monmouth Arms

Oakridge Firearms

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(1) OD 3xlt tall   (1) charcoal 3xlt tall                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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1 minute ago, sota said:

also, what's up with the different logo?


The front chest and the back were the same as we did a number of years ago.  The logo banner would be tough to reproduce on a shirt so we always had that streamlined one, such as what appears on the chat login.

There will be another round of minor updates (mostly additional features) in the summer and at that time for the fall (ie hoodies, may do an updated one).


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37 minutes ago, sota said:

ah. see i'd never seen that "streamlined" one until now.

The left chest is what we used for the shirt, and there is one more that I think is great which we used on the NJGF Spikes Lowers.  I can't recall who did that one, but it was awesome.  Will take a pic.... humn, sounds like a good idea.

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      The forum has been updated to the newest version of the software, which brings some bug fixes, compatibility fixes, as well as general updates and upgrades. By having the software updated, it lays the foundation to the up and coming awesome features that we are working on adding over the next few weeks. (hey, I don't want to let the cat completely out of the bag).

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      Known things....
      Tapatalk not connecting..... Investigating but I think they have not updated it or.... Their servers did not propagate to the new ip yet.... Will give 24 hours. Solved
      Intermittent slowness.....    We still have to make some tweeks to the server.... so bear with us.    This will be resolved over next few days.
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    • Pisses me off too because you can buy pistol ammo online most of the time.
      Sig does the same crap. Wanted to try their new defense ammo and same bs.

      Anyway, if you get the safe on Sale for $20 or so, just buy the ammo whichever way you normally would. Same thing.

      Don't forget about the stock issue.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Nah, I will still buy one. I just got pissed based on principle so I did not order just then. Let me know if you get the ammo. Not a deal killer for me but I also don't need another soft pistol case.
    • Thank you Col Powers.  I knew Sgt Mongrella.  I attended his funeral.  These overpaid self-important assholes can kiss my left nut.   The NFL will never see a dime from me while they tolerate this crap.   
    • Didn't buy one because the ammo?

      That's silly. I bought it before I even knew of the promo.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • I see that on the page now. The form I had did not mention NJ.... Too late, sent it in. Most I lose is a stamp. Guess I'm the guinea pig. We shall see.    PS: They can keep soft case. I have no use for them.   Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk    
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