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Cabela's 10% off and Free Shipping with Cabela's Club Visa

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Stupid right? Gander Mountain used to pull a similar deal.  Order the case, $10 heavy item charge.  Or the equivalent in case quantity, no heavy item charge. FYI, the Memorial Day Sale starts tomorrow, 5/18/17 at Cabelas.

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    • By ivan0000013
      just bought a complete lyman t-mag press with all the trimmings. first time reloader and im having some trouble getting it set up safely and correctly. im looking for someone to possibly come to my home and help me out or maybe walk me through it somehow. id be more then willing to pay for your time. if interested or can help, you can contact me directly at ivan0000013@yahoo.com . thanks.i really need some help as I now am the proud owner of a $500 paper weight.lol.
    • By bhunted
      I'm redoing my work area in my basement and have added new workbenches. I have considered building from the start but found the following and said the hell with it.
      I can't say how tickled I am to have found this workbench at Home Depot. It's sturdy as a rock, requires no assembly and very well put together. The photo on HD's site does not justify this bugger.
      For $70, why build one? The material you need may run cheaper, but you have to acquire it, cut it and build it. So this thing for the cost is worth it because it's a no brainer. I love working with wood, but my basement is hard to work in with lengths of wood. One swing the wrong way, I can take out a boiler or water heater. And for the folks that would like a new bench but are not skilled in building, this one is for you!
      It makes a great reloading bench or anything else. It's stainable or paintable.. I fasten mine to the wall to make it strurdier because I have no need to move it. But it's legs fold into itself and the shelf on the bottom slips in and makes it whole and sturdy. Want to move or stow it? Just remove shelf and fold it in. Here is a link to it. HD's photo sux.. In fact, the top they show is not the one you get. You get one even better. It's a type of saw dust particle board. Very strong... (Check out the review someone gave with his phtos for more shots and he added casters... Here is a shot of mine assembled and in place.
      HD Link: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Unbranded-Fold-Out-Wood-Workbench-Common-72-in-Actual-20-0-in-x-72-0-in-WKBNCH72X22/203083493?N=5yc1vZc898

    • By Agent_Smith
      Which stores, in the best of times, sell reloading components in Morris, Essex, Union and Somerset counties? (That's my radius)
    • By boodabelly
      The following powders are available during this posting:
      Reloader 33
      Power Pro 1200-R
      Red Dot
      Reloader 7
      Reloader 25
      Power Pistol
      Power Pro 300 MP
      Power Pro 2000 MR
      Use "3REWARDS" for Free Shipping over $49
      Sign up for $20.00 off of $150 order (This basically wipes out the HAZMAT fee) if you are purchase 8lb powders.
      I would pickup some Unique but I just purchased a tub of IMR PB.... go figure.
      Ken C.
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