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    • By Bryan2010x
      Up for trade is a heavy solid lockbox for larger suv vehicles to secure firearms, tools or other valuables from being stolen. This is I believe 3/4”‘plywood, it is solid and heavy. The locks is a mechanical simplex lock. It will not fail from lack of batteries or computer failure. The Combination and key need to be set by a locksmith. Measurements are 4 feet wide x 20 inches tall x 40 inches deep. Looking to trade for a firearm or related accessories.

    • By AlexTheSane
      For those who think going high tech is the way to go with gun safes.  Beware.
    • By sinjin
      Okay, I'm getting pumped for Black Friday and figured I could use some help from the community on setting my expectations for the kinds of deals I'm likely to see.  Here's a list of stuff I'm in the market for... would appreciate some feedback on what stores I should be looking at and what kind of pricing to look for for each item.
      1.  a basic Ruger 10/22 (to teach the kiddos)
      2.  a fire-rated 10-24 gun size safe
      3.  a Walther PPQ M2 5" in 9mm (hard to find in stock lately)
      4.  a Mossberg 590A1 shotgun (missed the recent deal at PSA)
    • By Bugsy732
      Just got my Bighorn Gun safe from Costco delivered. I have to say. I am impressed so far! The question is how am i getting this bad boy up the steps out of the garage..... i may have to call my brother inlaw and a few friends
      Here is the safe i bought: BIGHORN 19ECB DIGITAL GUN SAFE  just under $650 delivered to the house... and since i had $200 in gift cards, i got her for about $450ish.

      I'll post some pics of it stocked when i get a chance. it's Still in the wrapper! 
    • By njbouncer
      Are gun safe dehumidifiers really necessary ? If so, any recomondations. I would hate to have my collection get messed up because I don't have one.
      Thanks !
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    • See the disclaimers on GHF web page and RTSP...........
    • Here is a good take on the situation from a thread on ar15.com about the NY restrictions but applies to N.J. as well:   "What you are seeing is what has happened in every other state that has passed shall-issue concealed carry.  Not to the extent NY is going but similar.  The people inconvenienced will complain and changes will be made.  Then lawsuits will happen and then more changes are made.  Then as people adjust to the idea of "people walking around carrying hidden guns" more changes will occur.  My state has had concealed carry for decades and we are still tweaking the law." "Back in 2000 when Michigan was trying to go from may-issue to shall-issue we had a state level pro-gun organization trying to kill the bill for the exact same reasons you mentioned.  The people with connections had permits and very few restrictions.  They threw a fit that going to shall-issue would result in a more involved process, a higher fee, and more restrictions on where they could carry.  They had the "I got mine, fuck everyone else" attitude that you seem to have.  Shall issue passed, barely.  Counties like Wayne County, where Detroit is, dug their feet in and refused to issue any permits for almost a year.  Multiple lawsuits had to be filed against them.  The legislature has gone back many times to tweak the law, remove restrictions, and make other changes to improve things". "Baby steps, just like how the Dems take away our rights, is how you get the restrictions removed.  The big hurdle is getting shall-issue allowed.  That is still a huge win for NY.  Then you go back and get the restrictions removed".     .  
    • That brisket wasn’t my best. No matter, I’ll use it for chopped brisket sandwiches, or better yet, brisket chili.    Win some, lose some! 
    • Thanks for the info voyager9, but that's what I'm afraid of. Lower courts could give a flip about Bruen if there are no judicial consequences in doing so.
    • He’s certainly trying to.  Yes. It means new lawsuits to challenge the new rules.  They don’t go directly to scotus though.  Start with the lower courts first.  In theory those courts should use Bruen as a guide and nuke them there.  In theory.    
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