Concealed Carry up 215%

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Crime is down 14% in same time period.


Now before I hear any crap bout the source. NRA has tweeted the link to the article.

As we know, carry goes up, crime goes down. What I find interesting is the Ferguson effect and how the are now Constitutional Carry.( not in article, jus a thought).

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8 hours ago, Ray Ray said:

My CCW will be up 100% this weekend, but will drop back down to 0% when I return home.

Me too in NY no less, state not the 5 boroughs. Loving' those 10 rounders you sold me.

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Believe it or not, CCW issuance has been trending up here in CA where I'm at currently (NorCal). I thought I was going from bad to worse coming out here, and in ways I have (I opted to not play the AR games), but I have my CCW in CA and NV, which works out as I'm constantly traveling around the two states for work and play.

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