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Federal Champion .22LR $17.99 / 325 rounds & FREE Shipping

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Cabelas has the Federal Champion Bulk Pack 325 rounds @ $17.99. Must buy 5 boxes and apply the code "57SALUTE" at checkout for 10% off and FREE shipping. Net cost on 5 boxes is $89.95 delivered! Code expires 5/29/17. Hurry and get them or use the code for whatever else you want.


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28 minutes ago, sota said:

decent price. They've had that same pricing before.

True but by the time most people find out they are sold out. Also the 10% off AND FREE SHIPPING is hard to come by. It's either one or the other and not both together. Either way good for those that were able to capitalize.:good::good:

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    • By Maksim
      Just got an email from PSA, they are doing some AWESOME deals on ammo!  Deals are live at Midnight!  Free shipping and they DO SHIP TO NJ!  Just need to email them a copy of FID.
      Edit: Thanks @Krdshrk Limit 5 of the $20 rebates.  Link to Rebate.

      Deal Price Shipped on 223 and 300AAC 300rd bulk pack, $89.99. Price after rebate: $69.99!!  $.23 per round or $4.66 per box of 20!

      Deal Price on 9mm 500rd bulk pack, 89.99. Price after rebate: $69.99!! $.1399 per round or $6.99 per box!

      Deal Price on 22lr 1600rd bulk pack, $59.99. Price after rebate: $39.99!! - $.024 per round or about $13.50 per brick! 
      Looking over Brownells some more... they have the same price on 22LR and free shipping with coupon code, so if PSA runs out, Brownells does have it as well.  Linky Here

      Deal Price on 12GA Buck 100 shells, $59.99. Price after rebate: $39.99!! Less than $.40 per shell and a nice ammo can!

      Deal Price on .45acp 300rd bulk pack, $89.99. Price after rebate: $69.99!!  Less than $.24 per round or $11.65 per box!
      All of the available deals are here.  If placing an order, please go through our links here as it helps the forum. 
    • By My1stGlock
      Federal has another rebate going on now. Max rebate is upt o $200.00 just read the fine print.
      Just gotta find the deals with the low shipping or even free. Please post here if you find any on sale and cheap. 
      Palmetto State Armory has some @ $5.99 box of 20 but shipping gonna cost ya.
      Rebate link:
    • By GlastonburyNative
      I saw a deal for bulk .22lr on their website and not knowing they don't ship to NJ, I placed an order.  I received an order confirmation yesterday. Today, I received a tracking number indicating the item has shipped.
      Have they changed their policy or am I pretty much setting myself up for a cancelled order in the near future?
    • By Jag07
      Been looking to get into the rifle world but don't want to spend the money associated with moving to 5.56/.223 I know it is pretty cheap but .22lr is even cheaper. I want something bolt action for accuracy and to force a little more discipline on the trigger and ammo use. I like something that other people don't really have which is why for my handgun I went FNX 45 and not a 1911 or Glock. ( I am definitely getting a 1911 someday though, just too damn pretty not to get one). I have started a poll with some that I have come across that fit my criteria, albeit flexible criteria.

      Magazine fed
      Bolt action
      Preferably wood stock
      iron sights( not necessary)
      Good looks, let's be honest not one wants to shoot the Ford Edsel of the gun world ( cough Glock cough)

      Please feel free to add in some that I have over looked to add to my frustration and confusion. But it will be appreciated advice. Thanks in advance for the votes and advice.
    • By Jag07
      I was lurking around the forum the other day reading about someone looking for a rifle and the name Sako came up. So I inevitably took a look and found their Sako quad range 22lr rifle,which actually has 3 other interchangeable caliber barrels.
      So has anyone had hands on or know someone that has hands on? Is it worth the money? I think it is in the 1000 range sans optics. I think the thing is beautiful but is the beauty worth that much? I also like bit because it does not seem big around here from my lurking experience, partly from price I would guess. I like the unique or no one else has it factor.
      Thank for your help guys.
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