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No mo F2F in pensyltucky?

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Bill penned by a Republican no less. Co sponsored by 2 Dems.

Classic " if it saves one life".

Remember, it's not just conservatives that are fleeing this state.

Anybody seen Mipa lately?

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So doing some research on the crime that sparked this proposed law, the article contained this little gem:

"McClay’s convicted murderers were charged with carrying a firearm without a license."

Not sure how these career criminals would have been deterred by this proposed law, but of course, that can be said of all gun control laws.

The purposeful use of words as weapons against freedom, to be assimilated by the sheep as truth, is what causes the erosion of the bedrock of this country.

Just because there is a "R" after their name doesn't mean anything.

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This type of legislation comes from the SE portion of PA all the time. Never seems to gain real foothold, just dies a slow death.  I will say that part of the state is growing fast and their liberal agenda is growing.  PA is a funny state, but is slowly changing colors. Something to be aware of.

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10 hours ago, tattooo said:

Is Mipa on a hiatus ? lol

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Ya, I kinda miss him

9 hours ago, Candyman87 said:

He's heard from many citizens around PA. I'm not concerned about this passing, but I'll be doing everything I can to make sure it doesn't. 

The people fleeing jersey are going somewhere 

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