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As my new campaign manager has informed me, it's fun raising time.

7/14/17 ano domino.


Chesterfield Inn, in Chesterfield Nj 

This is an un exclusive event. As satellites have linked up, 7:30-8 ( pm) till when you leave.

Some of you have been here before, some of you are local( stone cold, little help) and some of you should ride share.

Rounds may or may not be purchased for group via individuals, it's a dynamic and gender fluid project.


For those of you in the north, head south.

For those of you in the south, head north.

Please make all campaign contributions payable to my Secretary/ launder Hellen Wate

I look forward to seeing all of you, and you seeing all of you. And I guess, Us seeing Us? I digress 

# Zekeformod 

Roll call

1. @High Exposure

2. @Mrs. Peel

3. @fishnut + Mrs.

4. @Purple Patrick + fiancé 

5. @GRIZ

6. @bhunted + Mrs

7. @blksheep

8. @Golf battery owes me a drink

9. @Kevin125

10. @Stonecoldchavez

11. @Displaced Texan

12. @voyager9

13.da Zekes

14. @remixer pants optional 

15. @Bighungry618 you can limp or get pushed around by Mrs.

16. @TrentonShooter cmon fire marshal bill!

17. @diamondd817 we will be drinking your beer. Jus sayen 

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Wow, ummm... Zeke, I'm sitting here looking at my laptop screen, and I must say, that's a very unique campaign approach. I'm not sure exactly what you're promoting here, my friend! I'm really quite speechless.

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Zeke, I told you I wasn't going to make it but I might be there. I will try to leave the Bastille Day event I'm attending.  I would't want to miss the biggest political event of the century.  Bigger than Trump's win!  Maybe I'll be asked to comment by Meghan McCain or Kennedy as i"m sure Fox News will be there.

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6 hours ago, GRIZ said:

I hope so.  Ray and I are advocates of the 4" 357 as the best all around handgun. I  may need some backing.

Agreed, although the 3 inch S&W Nightgaurd revolvers in 357 would be even better.

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45 minutes ago, GRIZ said:

4" is a bit easier to conceal but you can hide a 6" contrary to what many might think.

Mine is a 19-2 that my was my great grandpa's service gun when he was a cop in Bedminster. It's a range toy for me but if I can conceal  Full size 1911 I'm sure I could conceal it too

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7 hours ago, Ray Ray said:

Agreed, although the 3 inch S&W Nightgaurd revolvers in 357 would be even better.

Ray, I'll meet you halfway.  My Holy Grail revolver is a 3 1/2" Model 27.  I should have bought when I could get it new for about $200.

Back on topic.  Has Hellen Wate planned a Zeke for Mod rally?

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    • Good day
      I am not a NJ resident for about 15 yrs now thank goodness.
      Anyway I have a friend who can no longer shoot and has a few shotguns he is looking to unload legally. First off can he just ship them to me in NC or can I just pick them up?
      Next if sells them F-F in NJ does the buyer need a permit?
      Thank you from NC.
    • What is any of this going to do in New Jersey? What I would like to see from the NRA, ARPCNJ and any other organization fighting for gun rights in this state, is to use what's in place to our advantage rather that to make extreme changes. We already have an FID system in place in this state, hate it or not, this can be our biggest leg to stand on. To be a gun owner in this state, you need to vet yourself legally & medically in this state before you can buy a gun. It's a big enough of an obstacle to climb that whatever your reason for wanting a gun is, that you can't climb over that obstacle without thought, rather you need to carefully and safely find a way to climb over that obstacle or you walk away. With that being said, why are the people of NJ who have carefully and safely climbed that obstacle being punished as a result of something that didn't happen in this state, and wouldn't have happened in this state? With that being said, our Argument can be why should legal and responsible gun owners (99.999999% of FID holders in New Jersey) be punished? Group punishment doesn't work, and rather than throw even more overly redundant laws at us, allow us to own non-NFA weapons unconditionally. Require to show an FID to buy standard capacity mags, take the stupid laws off the "scary features" of a rifle. Allow us to carry if we apply for it, there is no reason to deny our rights if we have proven that we are responsible gun owners. This should be our Rhetoric and using what's already in place to our advantage. Politicians solution of banning things isn't the answer to keeping guns out of the hands of the wrong people.
    • The main concern is just "giving in" in general... and especially, without a counter concession (like national reciprocity, etc.). You give the antis one inch, they'll want a mile, the next day.... and 2 miles the next day thereafter, and 4 miles the following day, etc. etc. until they have everything they want. We cannot give one inch... not one.    
    • I’m a paramedic recovering from surgery so I’m cross trained in 9-1-1 dispatch until I return to the street. I have a little insight from the other side of these devices. If you don’t know: the alert company receives the alarm, tries to contact the owner and get some information. If the person is having an emergency or if the company can’t reach the owner the company will call the 9-1-1 center covering the owner. A little information is exchanged and resources are sent. Life Alert and some others will give a call back number for their monitoring facility, a reference number and sometimes a clients number along with the client name and major medical history. They will call back a little later and follow up (they want a simple disposition like accidental, pt transported to the hospital or “he won’t be needing your services any more”). I am not responsible for trying to contact family members when these alerts come in. Make sure whatever company you use will contact you. I would prefer to deal with one of the companies that give 9-1-1 a call back number and a reference number if I were getting one for my mother.  There are a number of companies that will call and just give the address and nothing more. They don’t even give me a call back number so if the occupant is in bad shape I can’t get in touch with them for them to notify Family.  Just some things to think about. 
    • Yeah, Roberts is kinda flaky.  We have to be careful with him. I know that "Notorious RBG" says she won't retire, but I don't know if she can hang on that long.  We'll have to see.  But yes, the "youngin's" (Sotomayor, Kagan, etc.) won't retire any time soon...  
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