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Colt series 70 vs series 80

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For the past couple months I've been considering a Colt Compitetion (still not sure if I'm going to go 9 or 45).

I'll be using it mostly for IDPA shooting, where I'm currently rated  in the low end of the Sharpshooter class.

So as I'm getting ready to close in on a Colt Compitetion, Colt releases the same gun in series 70 and calls it "better".

I'm reading as much as I can on the re-introduced series 70, and wondering how much of a difference the series 70 might make over a series 80 for a shooter in my classification. 

Any thoughts?
















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The difference is an extra safety in the slide. Complicates the action and the trigger. At least in my opinion. I've built a couple and they were both 70s and have an 80. The 70s are better in every way. Easier to work the trigger. It adds nothing in the way of reliability or smoothness. Get the 70. 

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I'm with Walt, I don't always shoot 1911's but when I do it's a series 70. 

As far as calibers, just go with the 9. If you ever decide to shoot USPSA you can shoot SS minor and have 2 extra rounds. Don't really know the IDPA rules as far as major/minor. Components or ammo is cheaper with 9 to so you will shoot more. 

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