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    • They make it for MTN bikes yeah! It’s basically mineral oil.
    • I almost peed myself. I want a shotgun and a revolver, unfortunately I have expensive taste. 
    • This is essentially how I've used my Lee Turret Press. I have it so the turret doesn't rotate automatically. Deprime all my cases. Turn the turret one stage. Resize them all, turn the turret a stage. Seat the bullet for them all. Done. Then I have two four hole turrets, one set up for .223 and one for 6.5 creedmoor. Pretty convenient.
    • Nope, when a new Nintendo game/phone/TV/shoe/tattoo/sneaker/ whatever comes out that pump shotgun gets dumped.
    • Last week we achieved a small victory – but our celebration is short-lived.  During his state-wide press conferences, Governor Murphy censored Alejandro  and thousands of firearms owners by sending his armed officers to kick him out of the state house TWICE. You have to appreciate the irony of the state using a monopoly of guns to enforce the banning of speech in defense of our gun rights. His reaction is not without surprise. Due to our journalism, our pending legal injunction, and directives from the Department of Homeland Security, Governor Murphy  finally relented and re-opened firearm stores for the first time since the beginning of his quarantine order. However, this does not mean that the Second Amendment is restored in NJ! While the DHS directives specifically state that ranges were to be included, we learned that ranges are to remain closed under the direction of our state government. We thought this was our only remaining obstacle, but today we uncovered a potentially bigger bombshell Alejandro placed a call to Identigo,  the company exclusively tapped by the State Police to process all fingerprinting services for the application of FID cards. The website clearly states that all fingerprints for FID cards will not be processed at this time – so we decided to call them and find out who is responsible for this stoppage — is it Identigo’s internal policies? Or is this yet again, at the hands of our State Police. We hope that the neutrals and fair-weather enthusiasts now realize why NJ2AS spends all of its time fighting against the draconian FID system we suffer with in NJ. The governor tricked the citizens by pretending our rights were restored, when in reality, he still holds the ability to BAN all first time gun owners from acquiring an FID card, and by proxy, from buying any firearms. Again – if you do not currently hold a valid FID card in NJ, you HAVE NO SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS while the state police forces IDENTIGO to keep their system turned off Please support us in this ongoing battle and join/donate NJ2AS – the only organization asking the true journalistic questions the rest of the media will never touch.      
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