8 Magpul 10 round PMAGs & ammo case @ Midways for $79.35

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Not what everyone wants to hear but we live in this great state of NJ. 10 round mags and a ammo box is reasonable if you lookin for them.

Anyways Looks like a clearance sale. Order them before they're sold out.


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Thank you for the heads up. It is a good deal if you are into neutered magazines. I am sticking my neck out and saying "I will not buy any more neutered mags! What if the PRNJ goes to 5 or 7 rounds? Then I have to throw these 10 rounders away too? What if the PRNJ bans all AR and AK rifles or all semi autos period?


I have had it with this state and have my bets on the feds to stop them from further eroding our 2A rights!

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    • Fantastic, im going to check out both. Having something this close is worth darn near anything, given that im used to driving about an hour and then waiting an hr or 2 for a spot when its nice out. Being 20something minutes away means i can grab a rifle and head out whenever i please. Wish it had a 24hr Handgun caliber range, thatd make it perfect. I shoot 200yds now, and its fine with my ARs shooting at steel. 300 would be great for my bolt gun but not a must, i can live without it. Being able to shoot steel closer than 200 (100 yds or even 50yds) is a must.. R14 is 200yds only, and i want a dueling tree. Lol
    • SJSC looks like such a cool range. Wish it wasn’t 45 minutes away
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