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1 hour ago, kman said:

50 years using WD40 to clean guns, no problem:


WD40 pooled on the primers of loaded ammo for 6 straight weeks, no problem:


Sure, you hose down a gun with WD40 and never wipe any of it off, let it accumulate in the action and on the moving parts, and do that repeatedly for years and years, letting it build up and never cleaning anything off, as some fudds have done in the past with their deer rifles and and the revolver they keep in their drawer, it will accumulate and gum up everything - as will just about any other product if you slather it on like that.  

I myself for years recoiled in horror at the idea of using WD40 on my guns, because of what I read over and over again on the internet.  WD40 on my guns?  Perish the thought - they will be ruined!  Ruined!!!  

Fear not!  The stuff works great!!


Note that he does a lot of wiping it off when cleaning a gun.

His results when spraying WD40 into cases with primers seated mimic what I did.

I just think there's better stuff to use to clean a gun.

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How's G96 on gun stocks? Specificlty want to use it on my shotgun and am wondering if it's ok on the wood. Friend of mine says he sprays it on everything and he's good to go. Would like a second/ third/ forth opinion.

Works fine.... just wipe off excess like anything else.

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On 6/15/2017 at 10:30 PM, Mrs.Zeke said:

I finally cleaned my shotgun from the last shoot out. Got sick of listening to Zeke whine.

Instantly remembered why I don't like it .... it's the BALLISTOL !!!

It burns my throat and smells like some weird conglomeration of moldy rye bread, black licorice and ass. 

Need a new plan... what do you guys use? 

Mrs. Zeke:  I was just at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays on Saturday with my son for Father's Day.  Their Pro Shop sells Slip 2000 products, so if you can take a ride, shoot a round, buy the Slip 2000 cleaner(s) and drive home you can enjoy the "pre-clean" process :) 

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