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Throwing a suggestion out there to open NJGF accounts on instagram and other social media accounts, thereby spreading the awareness of our 2nd Amendment restrictions here in NJ, ginning up support for pro 2a legislators, and drawing more likeminded people to njgf. Please pardon my ignorance as to platforms that NJGF is already on as I'm in between feedings of my newborn and trying to get as much ideas out as possible. 

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    • By Maksim
      In an ongoing series on guns.....  can't quote much as per agreement with SA...
      Am REALLY excited it was made Editor's Pick.
      Thank you @PK90 @remixer @tj462nj
      @nuclearheli @JT Custom Guns
      (could not tag everyone in one post.)
    • By Maksim
      Good morning ladies and gents.
      Really excited to announce the roll out of our latest project, one that has been in the making for quite some time however finally allowed with the new forum updates that we have done.
      NJGF's database of gun stores and ranges.
      I really wanted to create the Yelp or TripAdvisor for gun stores in NJ so here it is. =)
      It is still a work in progress however featured enough to warrant a general roll out.  Please watch the video and help contribute to the database.
    • By Maksim
      Hey folks!
      You've been pestering the mods about them and I want to sincerely thank everyone for wanting forum shirts and bearing with me.  Finalizing a few ideas and working out some details so looking for indications of interest before committing to a quantity with the shop.
      The design will be the same as we did the previous time and you can see more pictures in the previous thread. 

      Big logo on the back with the shooting logo on the front chest.  
      Colors that we are planning on are White (as you can see Nick wearing in the video below), Black, Charcoal, Olive (OD) and Dark Maroon.

      These will be tagless, made by Hanes, although may not be branded Hanes.  Sizes to be available up to 6XL.  100% cotton, heavy weight. (6.1 oz)
      Prices will be in line with what we had the last two times, around $14 for MOST sizes, with an upcharged for 2XL and greater.
      Timeframe, looking to get ideas over the next 5 days and will take about 10 days to get them.
      Will be able to ship them to you or meet up, or potentially dropped off with some of our vendors? =)  Shipping should be around $3 for 1 shirt and flat rate for 2 more more.
      Please let me know in this thread your interests and will get them reserved, and once we have an idea of the quantities, will set them up in the shopping cart here for you guys to check out and pay whichever way you would like.
      There WILL be a discount to our premier members and for members who have been here since the very early days!
      Thanks all!
      Pickup Locations:
      Monmouth Arms
      Oakridge Firearms
    • By NJGF
      The Second Amendment vs. the Fourth Amendment
      An interesting discussion
      "Does exercising your right to carry a gun diminish your other constitutional protections?"
    • By NJGF
      The Court after Scalia: The next “conservative” Justice may not save the Second Amendment
      A thoughtful analysis by someone who knows a thing or two about the second amendment. He doesn't paint a rosy picture.
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