Ruger AR-556. $500. Includes NICS and Tax. Jersey compliant.

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    • By GAPP
      Has anyone here ever successfully built one?  What parts did you use to stay under the 50oz maximum?
    • By Mhova4435
      Hello All,
                   Recently Got my FID! I have been window licking for the last 5 months. I have my heart set on the Scar 16s. Cant afford a 17s. My question is to any scar owner or someone who knows. What modifications needed to be done for NJ AWB compliance? also where did you get the modifications done?
      P.S Unrelated Scar comments are welcome! 
    • By PK90
      We are now a Hexmag Dealer.
      Magazine Information
      The magazine itself is a Fiber reinforced polymer shell covered in a hexagon pattern, hence Hexmag, and it not only looks appealing, but it supplies a pretty comfortable grip to the mag as well. The Hexmag houses a follower with equal length legs for anti-tilt It also comes with a heat treated stainless steel spring that offers a longer life from wear and tear than those of the Silicone steel springs and music wire springs of our competitors. If it fits it shoots, not only does this magazine feed 5.56 and .300 Blackout it also runs 416 Hushpuppy .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf.
      Click here to buy.

    • By sinjin
      Looking at this basic AR-15 on sale at CtD.  Help out a newbie... is there anything else non-compliant about this rifle other than the adjustable stock and 30 rnd mag?
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    • If you've never been, go.Lottsa stuff I've never seen before or since. Lottsa crap also.  I talked my self out of going. I have trouble standing that long without all the walking. Anyway take one room at a time. 2-3 hrs and your done.
    • Together, we can beat them! Shirts or no shirts! It is our duty as patriots!
    • So.  This is on the way.   Maybe before the rally? This email was sent 3/19
    • Thanks Rosey! It was all in jest anyway since I have other CJNFO shirts to wear on standby!
    • TO ALL: NONE OF THE SHIRTS WERE SHIPPED!  THEY'LL ALL BE AT THE RALLY!  HERE'S THE HEADS-UP: The orders were processed thru "Square".  Their OEM software sends an auto-reply email telling you yer shit shipped at ZERO DARK THIRTY!  Which caused us all of this unneeded BS!  If it (Square) can't say it shipped, and do so within 48 hours of you placing your order, it automatically gives you your money back!  We can't possibly get the screens finalized, take the orders, order the apparel from our local screen printer, have them order it from their supplier, have them receive it, check it and print it & dry the ink and package it, and THEN have ME pick it all up during a Nor 'Easter, and dump 177 pieces in a volunteer's lap to sort, label & ship in time for all of you PATIENT(?) Patriots to get them by today!  I got them all on Wednesday, during the storm.  We ship Priority Mail (2 Days).  So half of you might get the shirts by Monday AFTER THE RALLY, WHEN YOU GET HOME IF Michele (who's fighting the Shingles) can manage to knock-out over 100 orders in a single night! Sooooooooooooooo, using my addled brain, I made the "Executive Decision" to deploy our Membership & Community Outreach Committee volunteers AT THE RALLY to see that everyone that attends the Rally & ordered a shirt from us gets there's! Not to beat a dead horse, BUT, if you were on Facebook you would have seen this over 24 hours ago...... PLEASE trust us & not yer electronic whiz-bang.  We have you covered my friends.  In fact we printed approx. 50% MORE SHIRTS THAN WERE ORDERED IN HOPES OF A GREAT TURN-OUT!    Michele has everyone's shirts.  I don't even have my shirts yet!  Her & her husband Jaime as well as Nora Craig (our newest committee member), together with NJGF's Alex the Sane (a member of our Shows & Community Outreach Committee) are in charge of distribution, so please see them at the Rally! For folks that can't make the Rally but still ordered shirts to support it, your apparel will ship a day or two AFTER we all get back home, cause volunteers still hafta go to work to pay their bills. Thanks for reading & sorry for the "Square Problem" inflicted upon us all.  Things were much simpler in the "Old Days" when a credit card processor only cared about getting the money & not about whether or not the product was ever delivered   SEE YOU ALL AT THE RALLY & REMEMBER TO TELL ME WHO YOU ARE CAUSE "SCREEN NAMES"! Rosey
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