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Have a couple of these new Springfield XDE's in Stock..Price is $469.36 plus tax and Nics..Order one today direct ..No shipping or transfer fees..Don't forget Springfield is giving away 4 free mags with any purchase.



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    • By bushmaster
      We have a couple of these coming in next week..Order yours direct today. Add $100 for compliance work which includes a 2AT3 Compensator, Pin/Weld, Pin Stock (to your specs), Block mag to 15/30. 

    • By My1stGlock
      So my buddy has a stainless steel 1911 and I noticed what looked like pitting or carbon build up or dirt on the lower frame but then when I ran my finger over it it was not rough. He's cleaned it before but not sure what he's been using to clean it. Is there something that someone can recommend that he could possibly try? Pic is attached. 

    • By CyclingCraig
      Hi all
      Looking to get another pistol and I want to buy new.  Currently the top of my list is the XD Mod.2 Tactical (5").
      Primary use would be range fun and I just started doing some IDPA.
      This pistol would be my main choice for IDPA (That is why I wanted a 5" barrel).  I have other things for nightstand/HD so this one would be as a backup to have around but mostly fun.
      I wanted a 5" for longer sight radius, less flip (More weight out front) and overall greater accuracy. (BTW all my firearms are MUCH more accurate than my eyes will ever be, but looking for any advantage I can get)
      I can't afford a 1911 right now, so that is not in play.  I looked at the Glock 43 and Glocks just don't fit me well.  The M&P M2.0 just came out. I have an M&P now, but not sure I want the same pistol just with a longer barrel??  Change things up / Variety is fun.
      So anyone out there with the XD Mod.2 Tactical?
      Is the PRP trigger necessary (Currently use to APEX in my M&P)?
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