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3 minutes ago, bikerguyforlife said:

i know the permit limits guns...but not shotguns? so on (1) 5 dollar permit i can buy 2 or 3 shotguns?...

is pump considered semi auto?....i never heard of limit on shotgun magazines

You don't need a permit to by ***ANY TYPE***of long guns. You ***DO***need an FPID.


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You need  nics for **any***type of gun you buy at the store.


You want to buy a shot gun? 

Do you have a FPID?

-----No? Go to your local police department and apply for one. You need it to buy any long gun and ammo for handguns.

-----Yes? Good. Go to the store, pick whatever long gun you want, pick two, pick ten, fill out a form #4473, go through NICS, pay the man, leave and enjoy your new gun(s).


EDIT--I think the confusion comes from the use of the word  permit.

When comes to purchase guns NJ has two types of "permits"

1-FIPD or firearms purchaser identification card that you need to buy unlimited number long guns and ammo for hand guns.

2-P2P or permit to purchase hand guns that you need for every hand gun you purchase.

There's conditions/restrictions for both types, but this the gist of it.

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You're confusing a number of different elements of firearm purchasing. NICS is a federal check done at the point of sale. All purchases from an FFL require. a NICS. In NJ NICS is accomplished through the state police.

in order to purchase any long gun or handgun ammo, you need a Firearms Purchaser ID (FPID). That is $5 and is good for as long as you live at the address on the card. You can purchase any number of long arms with it. No time limitation.

Handgun purchases require individual Permits to Purchase (P2P) which cost $2 each and are only good for one purchase. They are good for 90 days from date of issue and, at the discretion of the CLEO, may be extended to 180 days total.

As for shotguns, as was pointed out, semi-autos are restricted to six rounds in the magazine. Pumps, the sky is the limit.


Pizza Bob

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3 hours ago, bikerguyforlife said:

im getting into prepping..if anyone is also into this i just got engaged i live in national park...gloucester...always up to meeting new buds...i also ride...so....anyone into riding bikes...shoot me an email...(pardon the punn)...lol

What are you prepping for? Like North Korea or natural disasters? We have a prepping section here.


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