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3 minutes ago, bikerguyforlife said:

i know the permit limits guns...but not shotguns? so on (1) 5 dollar permit i can buy 2 or 3 shotguns?...

is pump considered semi auto?....i never heard of limit on shotgun magazines

You don't need a permit to by ***ANY TYPE***of long guns. You ***DO***need an FPID.


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You need  nics for **any***type of gun you buy at the store.


You want to buy a shot gun? 

Do you have a FPID?

-----No? Go to your local police department and apply for one. You need it to buy any long gun and ammo for handguns.

-----Yes? Good. Go to the store, pick whatever long gun you want, pick two, pick ten, fill out a form #4473, go through NICS, pay the man, leave and enjoy your new gun(s).


EDIT--I think the confusion comes from the use of the word  permit.

When comes to purchase guns NJ has two types of "permits"

1-FIPD or firearms purchaser identification card that you need to buy unlimited number long guns and ammo for hand guns.

2-P2P or permit to purchase hand guns that you need for every hand gun you purchase.

There's conditions/restrictions for both types, but this the gist of it.

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You're confusing a number of different elements of firearm purchasing. NICS is a federal check done at the point of sale. All purchases from an FFL require. a NICS. In NJ NICS is accomplished through the state police.

in order to purchase any long gun or handgun ammo, you need a Firearms Purchaser ID (FPID). That is $5 and is good for as long as you live at the address on the card. You can purchase any number of long arms with it. No time limitation.

Handgun purchases require individual Permits to Purchase (P2P) which cost $2 each and are only good for one purchase. They are good for 90 days from date of issue and, at the discretion of the CLEO, may be extended to 180 days total.

As for shotguns, as was pointed out, semi-autos are restricted to six rounds in the magazine. Pumps, the sky is the limit.


Pizza Bob

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3 hours ago, bikerguyforlife said:

im getting into prepping..if anyone is also into this i just got engaged i live in national park...gloucester...always up to meeting new buds...i also ride...so....anyone into riding bikes...shoot me an email...(pardon the punn)...lol

What are you prepping for? Like North Korea or natural disasters? We have a prepping section here.


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    • Seriously.  People need to stop giving them ideas on how to screw us over.  You KNOW the powers that be monitor this site and are takeing notes.  I can see them now.  Hunched over their computer.   'OH!  I didn't even think of that one!  Phil will love that idea!!" Where did you do your qualification at?
    • It’s basically a three day class.   That puts it out of the “weekend” category unless they want two 8-hour days.  
    • I'm not sure, but I think it is an internal processing/receipt number for Identogo. ETA: Don't be too hard on NJSP. The ruling is only a week old, the AG directive less than that. These guys work shifts and have families they take on vacation. They will not all be instantly knowledgeable on every aspect of the laws, especially recently changed ones. 
    • I dropped off my packet at NJSP Washington Station this afternoon. The Sgt. at the front desk looked at everything in it and was clearly referring to a checklist as he did so. He said it looked complete and would pass it to their firearms person. He even volunteered her email address in case I had any questions to ask her. This is what I did: 3 x application form (SP642 6/28/2022) filled in on my PC and printed. My references signed each copy. I signed each copy in front on a notary at the UPS store he and notarized them. 1 x consent for mental health records search (SP066 7/23/2019) Which I signed and one of my references witnessed. The UPS store guy also did my photos. He knew what it was for as soon as I said I needed 4 pictures. He said he had done several already this week, but I was the first person to ask for 1.5"x1.5" rather than 2"x2". He made a mental note to help future customers. (I also was asked questions by the other staff at the store about how to get a gun and a permit - one was a young expecting mother) I got a money order for $50 from the post office and made it out to "Treasurer, State of New Jersey" - I have been advised by the NJSP trooper that handled my (failed) app in 2017 that the wording on the MO has to be exactly that. Anything else has been bounced before I did quals with a certified instructor that has been doing RPO quals for years. He is recognized by NJSP as being certified for that. He signed off that I did the HQC1 and HNCQ. He did not put his NRA certification number on the form so I got it from him and added it myself. I provided a photocopy of my drivers license and my certificate of naturalization. I provided a photocopy of the PtPP that was executed when I acquired each handgun I qualified with. I went to Identogo in Easton, PA this morning as there were no appointments available on the web site in NJ at all. I had to pay extra for out of state, but I was not prepared to wait. I booked the appt on Tuesday and went today (Thursday). I included the receipt in my packet. Before I handed it all in, I made sure I had a copy of everything for my records. Now the wait begins.
    • Stop with the Chicken Little stuff. PCH lasts 2 years. You do not need to take a class every time you apply - it's a one time cost if you can't pass quals on your own. You need to requalify every 6 months so 4 times in 2 years. I did a qual 2 weeks ago that cost me $65 plus 50 rounds. It's nowhere near $250 + 400 rounds. Fingerprinting every renewal is dumb, but yeah $100 each time If you can't pass quals on the first try, walking onto the range cold (i.e. no warm up/practice shots) you are not ready for an armed encounter - get more training and practice.
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