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Is this a pistol grip by NJ standards?

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On 3/12/2020 at 3:36 PM, vladtepes said:

what is this crazy talk... 

you are trying to solve a non existent problem.. augmenting your weapon system to some goofy less functional configuration so you can spare the people next to you at the range.. you are IMO on the wrong track.. 

built the weapon so it functions the best.. and if being next to you at the range makes them sad.. tell them to toughen up... 

this whole not a pistol grip.. removing the pistol grip.. its crazy talk.. I shoot a 7.5in SBR... you think your gun is loud? it puts 2ft fire balls out of the front of it.. if people next to me don't like it they can piss off.. I would NEVER compromise the weapon over that.. 

For a second, i thought you were a NJ officer just bragging lol.

You should take a look at solvent trap and fill out Form 1 to build a suppressor for your SBR.

or just buy a suppressor in you free state.

Save your hearing man

Hopefully the supreme court takes on these assault weapon ban cases tomorrow

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