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Supreme Court Asked to Review California’s 10-Day Waiting Period for Gun Purchases

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Supreme Court Asked to Review California’s 10-Day Waiting Period for Gun Purchases

In Silvester, et.al. v. California Attorney General Zavier the district initially found that a 10 day waiting period to purchase guns did absolutely nothing to deter a person that already owns a gun from committing an impulsive crime.

Of course the Court of Appeals for the 9th curcuit overturned the district court ruling.

SAF's Alan Gottlieb is now asking SCOTUS to hear the case:

"Remember what Senior Judge Anthony Ishii of the U.S. District Court said in his original order, that the state has tacit knowledge that a protected Second Amendment right is burdened by the waiting period law. His comparison of the waiting period to prior restraint is a point that should grab the attention of every journalist who has ever defended the First Amendment while disdaining the Second. A civil right is a right, and all rights are equal and deserve equal protection."

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