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WTS: Browning A5 12ga (Circa 1967)

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    • By Mikecap26
      Hey everyone,  I'm a new gun owner and I love the gun community!  What I don't love is NJ and their ambiguous and backwards gun laws.  I wanted to get a pump action bullpup shotgun and was looking at the Kel Tec KS7 and KSG.  While trying to compare them with other brands I found it was almost impossible to find a list of pump action bullpup shotguns for around $1,000 or less.  Does anyone have any good recommendations besides the black aces tactical?  Thank you in advance for your time and help.  Have a great memorial day and God bless those who lost their loves making the ultimate sacrifice
    • By Henry1111
    • By Bsels
      Selling 440rds of wolf steel 55gr .223, boxes of 20. $220 for the whole lot, not looking to sell individually. 
      6x 5ct boxes of 2 3/4” 12Ga frangible slugs $5 per box (pending sale)
      local pickup with cash in Lincoln Park NJ
      I’m new here but an active member on reddit r/njguns in case you want to check that I’m a real person in NJ, same username. 
      first to comment “i’ll take it” wins the sale

    • By My1stGlock
      Although it's not a NJ establishment I believe West Side Rifle and Pistol Range is the last indoor gun range that exists in NYC of all places. I happen to know the guys and they are a great bunch of guys. I found out that they are also hurting like all other self owned businesses and someone mentioned they have a gofundme page currently. The fact that they are a 2A establishment and also the only one left in the NYC I figured i  can let our forum members know about their page. They did not come to me about this but if I can help out a business/friend and spread the word I will do so and for a good bunch of guys. I understand that for some of us it's hard to donate but if you can that would be great. If you can also spread the word and post on your social media sites that would be great. I would do so but I don't have any accounts on FB, IG or other sites. If you do donate drop them a message that it was you heard about them via NJGF!
      Thank you and sorry for asking......
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    • Some incidentals that may also want to have. Range bag Tools (screw drivers, torx, allen keys, etc) Staple gun if you don’t use adhesive targets   If you go to a rifle range... Binoculars or a spotting scope, maybe a sandbag/rest, a mat if you shoot prone, a smaller mat if your shooting benches are rough concrete. Scopes are nice but you can shoot 200 yds with a decent red dot if you don’t want to spend $$$ on a scope just yet. An AR500 steel target. 12 inch is a decent size.  And a can of white spray paint.  Plus a way to hang it. Search that and you’ll find some options. A target stand that your range approves of for paper targets.  I think most ranges require targets at a height that will put rounds into the backstop when passing through the target. As opposed to skipping off the dirt down range. Check the rules for where ever you shoot. Some people like brass catchers.  I’ve tried just one type and found it to be more of a hassle than it was worth. Just my opinion. But sweeping up your brass is also a hassle. Yet one or the other are usually required. Necessity will help with the rest.  Have fun.
    • I may have something laying around.   I'll look tomorrow and let you know. 
    • I’m not up on the details of this thing but they go on a trip and he and her separate.....and he just comes home then disappears from view. Either he killed her and is at a loss what to do except hide under the covers...or maybe something bad happened to her at the hands of someone else and he is scared s@@@less he will be blamed.....or maybe she blew him off and he just said eff it and came home and wasn’t interested in explaining anything.  Then got scared when she is nowhere to be found.  Maybe there are other possibilities, but these seem the most likely to me. The encounter with police looks bad for him. Her ending up missing or dead after that situation makes him their favorite person to talk to.
    • Hi Guys, Looking for a low mount for a Sig Romeo 5. Anyone have one collecting dust that they wanna part with? I can pay you electronically and you can ship or Ill come and get it. Thanks, Lou  
    • Open borders immigration is what turned N.J. California, etc, into one party democrat controlled states.  Thats why the Left fights tooth and nail to import third worlders by the millions.   The less white a state becomes the redder it gets.
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