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CNJFO Booth - Sayreville Day

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    • Some things are fun (or not) to discuss but in reality just wont happen. Kim being elected gov was one of those.....and another is this one, a lefty supreme retiring on Trumps watch. Only the Grim Reaper can affect the balance of the court in the next few yrs. Even if one supreme (Ginsberg?) gets too mentally or physically compromised the process for deciding on when/how to remove a judge is sure to create a bit of cival unrest. I can see a judge ruling from a speciallized wheelchair a la Stephen Hawking before giving up or declared un-fit the way things are going these days...
    • .....and now Hollywood is financially backing student demonstrators.....IMO, boycott all movie theatres.
    • Well.... "ineffective" in solving the problem(s) they purport the laws will solve...  crime.  But they *will* be effective in solving their underlying agenda... "disarming the law abiding public."   As for NICS, any efforts to fix it must include a full "due process" treatment that will remove items that prohibit a person from firearms ownership as quickly as they are added. This, in the event they are added in error, or the person has met all the obligations for their removal (if possible). Any items added to the NICS system can only be done after that due process action (i.e. a court order, after a full hearing where the defendant has the opportunity to mount a defense).  
    • It's just amazing to me that he is pushing for laws that will be completely ineffective.  These politicians should be looking inward at the electronic infrastructure that allows/disallows people to purchase firearms.  The FBI should be stepping up and saying "We made another grave error and we need to fix the NICS system right now."  But we, on this board and others, know that that isn't going to happen.   I said it before, and I'll say it again, if any of the firearms rights groups wants to REALLY do something, they should have a political wing that brings up grass roots candidates into the statewide spotlight.  That's what I think we need and I would give what little money I have to a group like that.   However, so far, it's not something I see happening.  
    • "Murphy is pushing forward with the gun laws he promised as a candidate, though Sweeney, even as he supports the laws, says he worries that the problem Trenton can’t solve is how to enforce them."   Be concerned about the potential new laws making felons overnight of otherwise law abiding citizens. Be VERY CONCERNED  - *IF*, they figure out how to enforce them. No one in NY and CT has gone door to door yet - and I used to be of the minds that they won't - BUT he is so far left, Murphy may just push to do just that.  THEN AND REALLY THEN, do you have a massive beyond comparison problem.  
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