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    • By Maksim
      So... NO... most NJ residents cannot buy suppressors.  
      There are however many of you that I know own vacation homes and properties out of state, like in PA.  You may actually be able to own suppressors.
      Was having this discussion with my local purveyor of fine arms and evil items, @FreedomSportsLLC.  
      If you own a place outside of NJ, where suppressors are legal, you are likely able to purchase one with proper documentation.  
      The big caveat is though, you can only keep them and shoot them in PA.  Obviously illegal in NJ.
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    • The thing is a couple of weeks ago I had two guys from Inspire, some sort of electric service company, ring the bell. It was about 7pm and dark. Made me realize answering the glass front door I'm pretty exposed. We have an open floor plan and I can be seen going to the door from a good distance. Not sure how the recording works on the ring but i have friends that have it and when I visit i stand close so they can't see who it is. HaHa. My thought is with an interior camera, the average person with a reason to be there will walk up, knock and wait facing door. Just want to glance at my phone or monitor to see who it is without having to rewind anything. Nothing fancy. I realize there are all kinds of contingencies but something is better than nothing. I think if I mount the camera several feet from the door glare might not be an issue. I'm going to try using my phone taking some pics different times of the day to see about addressing the glare issues. Thanks for the suggestions, they are welcome.
    • Question 1, I want to discuss the NJ legality(assuming everyone would agree its federally legal and still considered a rifle) of putting a pistol brace on an AR rifle. Assume a 16" bbl (pinned brake obv.). Curious mostly about fixed braces, specifically the tailhook mod 1(https://gearheadworks.com/product/tailhook-mod-1-4/). Built on a stripped lower, so it would initially transfer as other. NJ law says that a rifle is designed to be shouldered, and in my mind that makes a brace questionable. However, If I intend/build a rifle to be shouldered and fired with two hands what do we end up with?   Question 2, I want to discuss the federal legality of swapping uppers on that lower and ill give a situation. If illegal, pinpoint at what point it becomes illegal. Assume a state where AR pistols are legal (Not NJ). First build an AR pistol, lets say a 12" bbl upper with same brace and lower from Q1. Swap only the upper to 16" bbl to build an AR rifle, (then potentially bring the rifle back to NJ if Q1 is legal). Go back to state where AR pistols are legal and swap back to 12" bbl to build a pistol again. This should be federally legal as I read it. Rifle first, rifle forever, pistol first, you can switch back and forth. (https://www.atf.gov/file/55526/download)
    • Their are two guys on AR15 .com  selling mossy 500 barrels  $60. each in the shotgun accesory's section
    • @USRifle30Cal    Les said it was built in 03, setup for 185 grain semi wad cutters, it should have a 13 pound spring install,   They said for me to shoot reg ball Ammo I would just need to replace spring to a 18lb.   I can finally picked the gun up tomorrow.   I ordered two boxes of ammo so I’m gunna try it an see what it’s got. @Pizza Bob   I’ve always Wanted a case hardened revolver, so I figure why not build something that’s pretty cool that I can shoot, I know I’m gunna dump money into it but it won’t gain or lose valve, an it will be something that’s built to what i like.  I have a couple pythons that I won’t shoot, an just picked up two mint 29-3’s one of which was worked. I will reach out to them an see if it’s something they would want to take on.    Thanks 
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