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No, not Colts. I have too many ball pythons, need to trim the herd. Am just keeping my 3 favs. They are all nice morphs. In case anyone knows anything about them:

1 male Black Pastel Pinstripe
1 male Mojave het Pied
1 female Spider Vanilla Mojave
1 large female het Pied  

Snakes are worth anywhere from 200 to 500 each . They also come in a 4 tub rack with dual side heat tape and a Herpstat 1 thermostat. So you do not need to buy anything except rats after they have settled.

If you wanted to produce a clutch or two these are decent genetics. 

500 bucks takes all. You will also get lifetime husbandry advice lol

They each eat 1 medium/large rat per week. They will do frozen thawed, but I feed prekilled so they may be picky about previously frozen food.   

Edited to add - 500 firm. I'm happy to sell them and kind of happy to keep them until I find the right taker. 

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