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8 minutes ago, Barms said:

I just meant in general when it happens usually something else I learn. 

On another board a while ago a guy asked a question about having a dump truck drop a load a stone in his yard and some chimed in "watch out the truck doesn't bust up your sidewalk."   And the guy replied "I'm not a retard I know".  But all i was thinking was wow great advice about the sidewalk. 

Learning is living. And water is life

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On 9/29/2017 at 1:38 PM, raz-0 said:

Yes, most people who argue for pumps are arguing form the backpacker mind set. And just aren't getting their head around the notion of an emergency disposable filter. 

Like I said before. For a crash bag, the lifestraw is an excellent fit. 

OR the sawyer equivalent. They sell a kit with a cheap flat pack squeeze bottle. 


Yep, I use these. Light and compact, and they filter a lot of water. 

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