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I can't buy that rifle from Cabela's!!!!

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A friend of mine just got the C39V2 with the wood furniture, it also has a side scope rail mount. I do not own an AK 47 type rifle. So I did some homework on the rifle and decided that I want one.

Cabela's has it on sale $750 with the wood furniture and $800 with the Magpul furniture (I like the Magpul one) and there is a $100 rebate from CA that ends on 10-01-17 (my birthday).



Then I remembered I have Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop gift cards and club points that I could use toward the purchase (about $325 total). So I call the Delaware store (no tax and no nics) and was told that the policy is that they can not sell me the rifle because it is not NJ compliant it has a 30 round mag and the muzzle brake can be screwed off. So I ask if it could be shipped to a NJ FFL to be made compliant and the answer was no.

I'm pissed!!!



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I was looking forward to walking out the door with the rifle and spending about $475 out of pocket. I contacted a gun shop, they only have the one with the wood furniture in stock. I will try some more shops tomorrow. 

Not pissed at Cabela's.

I was going to pick my friend who told me about the rifle to ride with me, he has never been to a Cabela's. I have never been to the Delaware location only the Hamburg one. On the way back up we were going to stop at Fort Dix range. I have never been there and that's the range he uses.

Thanks for the input.

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