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D.C. To be “Shall Issue.”

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Just because the appeal has been cancelled doesn't mean they are going shall issue anytime soon.  The case simply says the current law has to be rewritten, so they will drag their feet as long as they can to rewrite it, and you can bet if they can find some way to rewrite it that will be essentially the same as may issue while being worded differently, they will do that.  As long as we have the numbers in the supreme court eventually shall issue will triumph, but every may issue jurisdiction will delay that day as long as they possibly can.  That is why this wasn't appealed to the Supreme court, as doing so would have shortened the time before we get shall issue here in NJ, and they are all about delaying this as long as they can.

I hope you're right though and they realize this is a losing issue and they stop wasting taxpayer funds and capitulate.

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