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Old Dog

Vietnam Veterans

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I never knew how much Vietnam affected me. I have been on sleeping pills and tranquilizers since then. I used to wake up and attack my wife so we slept in different rooms. I have some minor problems that no one can diagnose and was in the area where agent orange was most concentrated. I have never had a lot of friends and moved 13 times, mostly within NYC and NJ. Songs, smells and tastes being me back to Nam. I was never thanked for my service until 4 years ago. Read this and know what we went through and why I get pissed off when guys show up on the range looking like soldiers and using gear like soldiers do. They remind of kids playing Army who never thought to risk their life for their country but want all the toys that the real soldiers used to feel dangerous and brave. I used to pick up the newbies and take them out to the field. Despite all their training and many were gang members given the option of Nam or prison, none every thought that they would soil their pants the first time under real fire. That is why I get amused when I see guys who think they are prepared having never been shot at or shot in anger.  Anyway, most of what you will read below is me:




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You guys, along with Korea vets, saved the world.


Both wars were terribly costly, and perhaps neither one was “won.” But both demonstrated that America had the resolve and was willing to pay the price to stop the advance of communism.


Deep thanks and respect for all you sacrificed. In some respects, many of those who did not make it home may have had it easier than those who did.




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Old Dog,

Thank you for your service should really be Thank you for the sacrifice you made for our country.

A belated but hearty "welcome home".   and you have more friends than you know.

Wishing you all the best.   

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