Historical Winter Firearms Marksmanship Contest - Sat, Jan. 20 at Cherry Ridge - Open to Public

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In Honor of the Men and Women Who Endured The Rigors of Winter Combat from Valley Forge to Korea And To Demonstrate Personal Skill with Relics of History
The New Jersey Arms Collector’s Club Inc. Invites You to Participate With
Historical Winter Firearms i
n A Marksmanship Contest 

Saturday, January 20 , 2018

SNOW DATE JAN 21st`(CALL RANGE at 973 764-1333 for closings)


 Highland Lakes, NJ -- Off Canistear Road, 4 Mi. North of Rt. 23

SIGHT-IN:  9:00 am – 10:00 am -  MATCHES:  10:00 am - 1:00 pm  Lunch: 1:00 – 2:00

 ENTRY FEES*  $30 ($10 discount to NJACC members and active, reserve, retired military with ID card)

Family rate-$50 for two benches(children, in laws, grandparents etc.)plus $5 for each meal

Full Entry Fee includes Lunch in Club House & VENISON STEW and Hot Beverages during shoot
($5.00 Lunch Only)

*Note:  Price Differential for Non-Members is applicable towards Membership Dues

PRIZES:  Trophies to Best in Each Class(plus best female and youngster)

FIREARMS:Repro or original BP.  Curios and Relics of the Period.  Original style Stocks and Sights

Winter  trigger guards acceptable. Winter triggers if approved by range safety officer.


Don’t forget Hats, Gloves and Boots as well as hearing and eye protection!!!


Contests Require 10 Shots in 2 Minutes at 50 Yards(except #12,15,16,20,&21)

Any Position Including Bench * Rifles must be fired from shoulder unless medically excused.(no sleds)

1. BATTLE OF TRENTON                          Any Smoothbore Flintlock  - 5 shots in 15 minutes

2. MOUNTAIN MAN (Revenant award-new)  Any Civilian  Flint or Percussion Rifle - 10 Shots/15 Minutes

3. FREDERICSBURG                                Any C W Battle weapon not using fixed ammo  - 10 Shots / 15 Minutes                           .

4. WINTER WAR                                       Any Finnish or Russian Mosin Nagant,Suomi 31 semi auto.         

5. BALKAN FRONT                                   Any Yugoslav, Austrian, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian or Greek WWII era bolt action rifle (post war rebuilt Yugos are OK)

6. EASTERN FRONT SEMI-AUTO           G-41, G-43, Tokarev 38 and SVT-40. Suomi M31 Semi Auto

7. BATTLE OF THE BULGE BOLT            98K, Springfield ’03,03A1,03A3 Enfield P14/1917 MKIII/IV

8. BATTLE OF HUERTGEN FOREST       M1 Garand, G-43, G-41

9. SCANDANAVIAN SERVICE                  Any Swedish, Norwegian or Danish Krag, Mauser,AG42b.

10. ALPINE DEFENSE                              Any Swiss, Italian, French, or Austrian Mil. Bolt or Semi Auto

11. CHOSIN RESERVOIR                         M1,SAFN, Mosin Nagant, Jap 38,99, Mauser 98,SKS,Enfield #3,4

12  AFGHAN HILLS                                  Any NJ Legal Semi-Auto, 5.56, 7.62 Nato, 7.62 x 39, 5.45 x 39(100yds)

13. KLONDIKE                                          Any Black Powder Cartridge Firearm(smokeless or duplex ammo OK)                                                                    

14. ALASKA HUNTER                              Any Sporter Rifle, inc Sporterized Military, (Iron Sights)

15. WINTER SNIPER (SIMO HAYHA AWARD)  Military Sniper Rifle w/Original style Optics,FINN 28/30-1 Shot 100yd.

16. POLAR BEAR                                     Any Sport,Sporterized Military Rifle with Scope 6.5mm or+ (100 yds)

17. CPT GRIEST 1LT HAVER TROPHY    Best Female Shooter  (in honor of the Ranger School graduates)

18. YOUNG WARRIOR                               Any Shooter Under 18 Years -any event

19. WINTER OLYMPIAN                            Any Rimfire /pellet Rifle( 17 or 22), -no magnifying optics

20. WINTER  PLINKER                             Any scoped Rimfire(17 or 22)  Rifle (100 yards)

21. DESIGNATED MARKSMAN (NEW EVENT)  Any military scoped rifle in 7.62 NATO or Russian R (10 shots)

PUBLIC INVITED Shoot Chairman – STAN GURSKI  732 388-1202



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Targets for tomorrow are  mostly Speedwell SR 21-C at 50 yards. For Smoothbore muskets the target is a police Silhouette target.50 yards. For flint or percussion rifles the targets a  Deers Buffalo at 50 yards. For rifled muskets and cartridge firearms, other than 22s or 17 rimfire are the SR 21-c. For scoped rifles the target is SR 21-c at 100 yards. For the rimfire  we have the 50 meter 22 target. For scoped  rimfires we use the same target but put it out at 100 yards. For sniper see match director. Considering using a 5 bullseye target with one shot  in each bullseye.Top score only counts  Menu- Sabrett all beef kosher hotdogs. Potato or standard hot dog rolls. Chili ( with or without cheese)sauerkraut, mustard, ketchup, relish options.Vegetarian beans or Bush's traditional Baked beans with bacon bits and brown sugar.Desserts- Snowballs (Drakes not real), cherry or apple pies. Drinks- water, diet coke, diet 7&UP, regular coke, Dr. pepper. Wear good boots as melting snow can ruin sneakers and give you trench foot. --Stan Gurski

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    • By GoldenKnight
      In celebration of the 73rd Anniversary of the Defeat of the Axis Forces
      The Shongum Sportsmen's Association
      Invites you to participate in the
       Marksmanship Competition - Saturday April 28th, 2018
      Registration 9am, Rifle Contest till 1pm, Lunch 1pm, Pistols 2-4pm
                     Compete with your WWII Era European Theater Rifles and Pistols
      WWII Re-Enactors are encouraged to participatein uniform (optional)
      Shongum Sportsmen’s Chapel Hill Range
      Jane’s Chapel Road, Mansfield, NJ
      From Center of Hackettstown, take ROUTE 46 WEST.  Two Miles west of Rt 517, turn LEFTonto  RUSSLING RD (by Best’s Fruit Farm).  At end, (1.5 miles) Turn LEFT onto BARKER’S MILL RD (.2 Miles.) Turn RIGHTonto MT BETHEL RD.  for 1 mile, Turn RIGHT onto JANE’S CHAPEL ROAD  Range approx 1 Mile on RIGHT
      $30.00* for Complete Series or $10.00 per Event for Guests who are not NRA or military, LEO   
      $25.00 for Complete Series for NRA Members, police, military. Family Table-$60.One table up to 4 shooters.  
      Includes Hot Dogs, Pork & Beans and Soda Lunch
      PRIZES:  Trophy to the Best in Each Class
      FIREARMS: Curios and Relics of the WWII European Theater (Original Stocks and Sights)
      Rosie the Riveter - Highest scoring target by a female   Young GI - Best score for person under 18 
      1.     POLISH CAMPAIGN          Polish Mauser , 91/98/25,French Lebel or Bertier, Mannlicher 95, GEW 98, KAR 98
      2.     BLITZKREIG                       Any French, Belgian, Norwegian, Danish, or Dutch combat rifle/carbine from WWII(pre 1941 issue)
      3.    CONTINUATION WAR        Finnish or Russian Mosins, 7.35 Carcano, Swedish Mauser, Tokarev Rifle, Win 95 in 7.62R
      4.     NORTH AFRICA                 03 SPRINGFIELD, 1917 ENFIELD, 6.5 CARCANO, ENFIELD MK III, 98K
      5.     STALINGRAD                    98K, G-41,G-43,TOKAREV,MOSIN 91/30, 38,44,
      6.     SICILY                                M1 GARAND, SPRINGFIELD 03A3, ENFIELD MK IV, 6.5 CARCANO
      7.     NORMANDY                     M1 GARAND, G-41,43
      8.    PARTISAN                         YUGO M24, M48, CZECH 98(8MM ONLY) MANNLICHER 95, HUNGARIAN 98/40, GERMAN 33/40, CARCANO, 98K
      9.    AXIS AUTO                        9MM Axis Service Pistol, P-O8 (4inch), P-38, Radom, Belgian HP, Astra 400/600, Steyr M12, Star Mod B
      10.  ALLIED AUTO                Any WWII Allied Service Pistol, 1911, 1911A1, TOKAREV, BROWNING HP, NOR. 1914, 
      11.  ALLIED REVOLVER       Colt, S&W Victory, Enfield, Webley in .38, Nagant, French Ordinance, M1917 revolvers, Webley 455.
      12.  OSS                                 Any 38S&W cal, 380, 32 pocket pistol made before 1946(except modes listed  above) Colt, Beretta, Browning, Walter, Mauser, Sauer,  Femaru, MAB etc.
      EXOTICS (contact for info)
      13.  SNIPER                              1903A4 (Remington or Gibbs),Enfield#4(T),Mauser 98 (Mitchel or original) Mosin or Tokarev ( rebuild OK)
      14.  TOMMYGUN.                        Jersey Legal with limited mag Thompson, Sten, M3, PPSH 41, Suomi31 (50 yards)
      15.  FINAL PROTECTIVE FIRE   Jersey legal semi auto BAR, MG42, BREN, Browning 1919. Limited mag/belt (100 yards)                                             
      16.  GRENADIER                          Enfield MKIII with cupdischarger (Loaners available as well as blanks) tennis balls only
      SHOOT CHAIRMAN STAN GURSKI –     732-388-1202 
    • By GoldenKnight

      In Honor of the Men and Women of the American Military Services
       Whose Sacrifices Have Made Our Freedom Possible. 
      The Shongum Sportsmen
      Invites you to compete with tangible links to the battles of our Nation’s History in a
      Memorial Day Match
      Come celebrate your country’s history by compteting with the firearms that helped to make this country great.  From the Brown Bess, to the Black Rifle, we have a match for you!  
      Firearms are limited to the Curios, Relics, and Reproductions of the Period. 
      Original Style Sights and stocks Required and Jersey Legal! 
        Saturday, May 26th, 2018 Registration, zeroing 9-10am, Rifle Match 10:00am-12:45 
      Audie Murphy 12:45, Lunch 1-1:45. Ceremony with taps and salute at 1:50PM Muzzleloaders 2-3 PM, Rifle awards 2PM, Muzzleloader awards 3PM
      Shongum Sportsmen’s Chapel Hill Range.
       363 Janes Chapel Road, Oxford, NJ 07863-3511  GPS 40.843231 N 74.916628 W
      From Center of Hackettstown, take ROUTE 46 WEST.  2 Miles west of Rt. 517, turn LEFTonto RUSSLING RD (by Best’s Fruit Farm). At end, (1.5 mi) Turn LEFTonto BARKER’S MILL RD(.2 Mi.)  Turn RIGHTonto MT BETHEL RD.  for 1 mi, Turn RIGHTonto JANE CHAPEL ROADRange approx 1 Mile on RIGHT
      ENTRY FEES* (ten targets). Additional targets $1 each. NRA members, Military/Police: $25.00. Non-NRA Guests: $30.00  
      Family/significant others: $60 for two benches and up to six competitors. Full Entry Fee includes Lunch in Club House  -  Lunch Only - $5.00
      Lunch is SPAM, hot dogs, beans, and possibly burgers 1-2PM
      Black Powder Matches (repros acceptable) – 5 Shots in 5 Minutes  
      1.     MONMOUTH                                      Smoothbore Flintlock – 25 Yards(off hand or kneeling)
      2.     BULL RUN(Buck and Ball)                  Percussion/flint Smoothbore –25 Yards(off hand or kneeling)
      3.     NEW ORLEANS                                  Flintlock Rifle – 100 Yards
      4.     PICKETT'S CHARGE                         Any Civil War Muzzle loading Rifle – 100 Yards
      5.     BRANDY STATION                             Any Civil War Cartridge Carbine100 Yards 
      100-Yard Cartridge Rifle Matches – 10 Shots in 2 Minutes from the Bench except #19,#16
      6.     LITTLE BIG HORN                               Trap Door Carbine 45/70, 
      7.     SAN JUAN HILL                                   Krag Carbine  30-40, Winchester 95 carbine 30-40 
      8.     SPANISH – AMERICAN VOLUNTEER   Trap Door Rifle 45/70
      9.     BOXER REBELLION                            Krag Rifle or M1895 Lee Navy
      10.   AMERICAN ENFIELD                           US Army Rifle Model of 1917
      11.   LEGENDARY 03                                    ’03,‘03A1, ‘03A3,MK I 03, (NO SNIPER OR NM)
      12.   PORK CHOP HILL                                M1 Garand
      13.   YOUNG WARRIOR                               Highest score for shooter under 18
      14.   KHE SANH                                            M1A   7.62 Nato 
      15.   FALLUJAH                                            M16/M4 Service Style (5.56 – NO MAGNIFYING OPTCS) 
      16.   AMERICAN SNIPER                             Any  US Sniper Rifle (original or repro) (1 Shot –  G.I. style Optics)
      17.   HARLEM HELLFIGHTER (NEW EVENT)       Berthier Rifle or carbine                             
      18.    ROSIE THE RIVETER                             Awarded to the female with the highest score of the day
      19.   AUDIE MURPHY                                     M1 Garand 24 shots prone, kneeling  off hand,100 yds, 75 yds, 50 yds and 1911 7 shots one handed at 25 yards (Police silhouette)
      Shoot Chairman Stan Gurski  732 388-1202
    • By GoldenKnight
      In celebration of the 120th Anniversary of the SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR
      The SHONGUM SPORTMEN’S ASSN Invites you to participate in the
       SPAN-AM Vintage Marksmanship Competition
      Saturday June 30th, 2018
      Registration 9am, Rifle Contest till 1pm, Lunch 1pm, Pistols 2-4pm
                                      Compete with your Late 19th Century Antiques. Re-Enactors are encouraged to participatein uniform (optional)
      Shongum Sportsmen’s Chapel Hill Range. Jane’s Chapel Road, Mansfield, NJ. 
      From Center of Hackettstown, take ROUTE 46 WEST.  Two Miles west of  Rt 517, turn LEFTonto  RUSSLING RD (by Best’s Fruit Farm).  At end, (1.5 miles) Turn LEFTonto BARKER’S MILL RD(.2 Miles.) Turn RIGHTonto MT BETHEL RD.  for 1 mile, Turn RIGHTonto JANE’S CHAPEL ROAD  Range approx 1 Mile on RIGHT 
      $30.00* for Complete Series or $10.00 per Event. For Non-NRA Members. Re-entry $2.00  
      $20.00 for Complete Series or $5.00 per Event for Police, Military, NRA / Shongum Members. Re-entry $1.00
      Includes Grilled Bully Beef, Crackers, Pork & Beans and Soda Lunch
      PRIZES:  Trophy to the Best in Each Class
      FIREARMS: Antiques, Curios and Relics and reproductions of the Late 19th century
      (Original Stocks and Sights unless noted)
      NOTE; Due to the age of these vintage firearms it is important that you have them checked by a competent gunsmith and seriously consider the quality of ammunition being used, especially reloads made by a non licensed person.(Note: persons are encouraged to contact Shongum ammo authority Will Jones  at 973 625 2622 concerning components, reloading data, and available ammunition for vintage firearms you plan to use prior to event in case you need something special or plan to roll your own.)
       1.     INSURRECTO                  Remington or Oviedo 43 cal Rolling Block (Black powder recommended))
      2.     LAS GUASIMAS                   Any pre 1898 model Mauser in 7MM
      3.    SIEGE OF SANTIAGO de CUBA  Springfield Trapdoor Rifle(BP recommended, avoid hunting ammo for stronger actions)
      4.     EL CANEY                       Springfield Krag Rifle
      5.     SIGNAL CORPS                   Springfield Trapdoor Carbine (Be sure to use carbine loads not rifle or hunting ammo)
      6.     KETTLE HILL                   Krag carbine or 93 Mauser carbine in 7MM
      7.     GUANTANAMO                      Lee Navy 6MM (Please have gun checked by gunsmith and use quality ammo)*
      8.     POST WAR CONSTABULARY Winchester 95 carbine in 30/40,Philippine Constabulary carbine or equivalent
      9.    POST WAR HUNTER           Sporterized Krag, any hunting rifle in 6MM Navy or 30 US Army (30/40)
      10.  NATIONAL GUARD/MILITIA   Any 45/70 or 50/70 military post  Civil War rifle except Springfield Trapdoor in 45/70
      11.   OPEN CLASS                        Any longarm not listed above but documented as being used in SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR
                                                              Examples:1891 Argentine Mauser, Winchester 73.     
      12.  COLT 38 REVOLVER           Colt New Army and Navy Revolver in 38 Colt.
      13.  OPEN CLASS                        Any handgun except the Colt New Army and Navy  or Colt SAA Artillery that is documented as being used in Spanish- American War. Examples . S&W No 3 (Schofield),C96 in 7.63,ORBEA HERMANOS 11mm,MERWIN HULBERT
      14. POST WAR PACIFICATION  Colt SAA Artillery, Colt Philippine or Alaskan DAA, or Colt 1909, or New Service in 45 Colt
             *This event will be run at the end of the other long arm events and will be exclusive on the range.
      SHOOT CHAIRMAN STAN GURSKI –     732-388-1202
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    • Maybe so....but even the most minor adjustments today become a huge undertaking, just because of lack of experience and know how....try and find someone locally who can "Really" work on and set up a 1911like a Jason Burton.....none that I know of and I probably know of most around......your right, it's a dying art that is almost dead.
    • Shooting common ammo is a consideration but nothing gives you the OTC ammo variety of a 357.  Wadcutters, std velocity,  +P,  +P+, and full 357s.  Power level for whatever your needs. Seems to me there is a lot of 357 ammo out there that is downloaded from SAAMI maximum pressures.  There is also 357 ammo that is loaded up to maximum pressures.
    • Eh... she's just a cranky bitch, nothing more complicated than that. The fact that her own adult daughter and friends just kept their mouths clamped shut during the whole episode tells you something about that woman and how she probably tends to handle things. I'm sure they knew she was heading straight into unhinged Bitchville.... and they didn't want to have her wrath turned on themselves.  Honestly, I love that she followed-up with that pathetic non-apology... she's just keeps digging the hole deeper... making a complete laughingstock of herself. Great entertainment value for the rest of us. 
    • Is there such a thing as asshole privilege? I hope not, because I have been missing out all these years.
    • she wasn't using her position in society. she was using her position in employment. if she were a black woman, would you be calling it "black privilege"?
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