Action Alert: Please call your reps, even Dems, about this week’s vote on HR38 aka National CCW

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Already received my canned response from Menendez  telling me he thanks me for my letter but is against CCW in NJ. 

Then amend the constitution or get the F out of the way. Man I hope he runs next year. Will allow a window for us to get another Republican into the senate.

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    • By fslater
      Hi Everyone
      I just Read the article in the Political report in Shooting Illustrated about The July ruling By the US Court Of Appeals that found DC's "good reason" to be granted a CCW unconstitutional. Wouldn't the conflicting rulings between the DC Federal Court and the Jersey District Federal court force the SCOUS to a hearing to resolve the conflict? This is old news from back in July I'm just hearing about now. If its already been discussed  please direct me to the thread.
    • By CJ Broz
      Can anyone help me find the stats on how many people in NJ apply for CCLs, and how many of those applications get rejected?  
      I'm having an online argument on a military forum (I'm a retired Marine).  Some guy thinks concealed-carry-restrictive states such as New Jersey and California are not violating the 2nd Amendment since they have a process for getting a permit, my response is it is a de facto ban if the vast majority of permit applicants are denied, but it's hard to make that argument without stats to back it up. 
    • By GAPP
      GAPP has another CCW class coming up. This one will be held at Shooters Sporting Center in Little Egg Harbor Township.... so all of you South Jersey shooters interested in CCW should consider coming to the class. Florida and Utah are the most sought after permits in the nation because they are among the most widely recognized. We provide all services necessary to get a concealed carry permit in both UT and FL including the applications, envelopes, passport photos, finger prints, notary seal, and UT CFP instructor seal... pretty much one stop shopping to get your CCW in multiple states. We also help you fill in the application so it wont be returned for being completed improperly. For a full course description, registration information, and other class dates, go to
    • By oldguysrule649
      Just learned that I will be going to Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas next week for 10 days for work.  I plan to get my Texas License to Carry while there (formerly known as a CHL).
      I have today submitted my non-resident application online at the Texas Dept of Safety website and am in the process of scheduling an appointment with Identogo/MorphoTrust(in Texas).
      My question is has anyone here done this in the DFW area and have any recommendations for a training facility.  I did find several thru a Google search but wanted to check here for any recommendations.
      Once I complete this process I will post a full write-up.
    • By almeida422
      Some have recently said that now is not the time to file a case for carry in NJ, they said, we need to wait for the right time, the right case. but we, at the Po6 ask, when is it the right time, what is the right case? Is it post mortem? Maybe Carol's case would have been the "right case" Or maybe one of the other, now dead NJ innocent victims that waited for help?
      Will you, or a loved one be the next one to be "seriously harmed" while waiting? What about when we had a favorable Federal court to the 2A during the bush years?
      We appreciate everyone fighting in NJ, but we cannot rely on just 1 organization or person, this must be a multi-prong attack that includes Education, legislation, and litigation that may help in policy change in NJ.
      Do you know it takes years to reach the SCOTUS on a case, or to settle a Federal case? We may very well be in to the 2020 election by the time we reach it there, and that is no guarantee we will make it to be heard. but we need to be in the fight, in the pipeline. If you’re not in the fight, you're not winning. It may be a California case, Hawai’I case, a D.C case or maybe the NJ case, we don’t know, but we must fight and be in it, to win it.
      We, the Plaintiffs in this NJ case cannot gamble with politics, with time or with past lost cases, we must press on. We must fight. This challenge is different from the Drake case, it challenges the face of JN, the burden imposed on us meeting it and other challenges. Read the complaint attached, as the details are there. You may also follow us at
      Finally, the lead attorney will be in NJ on June 25th for a meet and greet, Q and A session at RTSP at 130 pm. Pass by and meet the parties involved
      Thank you for your support
      Don’t forget, visit for additional details
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    • Didnt Corzine try the same smoke and mirror tax raising scheme?
    • Depends on personal preference...

      If we are talking pistol grip only, I actually prefer the Raptor grip over a traditional pistol grip nowadays. Just feels a little more comfortable. The brace setup on my TAC-14 uses a regular pistol grip, but I do have a standard grip, if need be.

      For stocks, I like something like a Magpul stock. Rather have something more inline with the receiver/barrel.

    • I have an anderson lower, new that i put together with psa upgraded internals. It has all internals polished including trigger. The only thing i havent done is put the stock on. I do have a pinned stock that can be included. Let me know if interested.

      Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

    • I have an anderson lower built with psa upgraded parts with polished internals and polished trigger. The only thing i havent completed is the stock. I have a pinned stock that i can include. Let me know if interested. Thanks

      Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    • It's easy when people have no experience with guns so they are scared of them. My mom's always been nervous about guns. Last time she was over, my wife and I shower her our guns and my mom freaked over me having an "assault rifle". I let her hold it and then grabbed some ammo and showed her what .22lr looks like. Let her hold the Beretta and I could see the fear leaving her. It's such a silly thing to fear if you treat it with the respect it deserves.
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