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CNJFO's Annual Hog Hunt is always a great time!  Here's the Details:

What:  An ANY WEAPON Hog Hunt with NO LICENSE required!  Just $400 per Hog!

When:  Sunday January 28th, 7:45 am. 

Where:  150 acre island in middle of the Susquehanna River, off Bainbridge, PA (near Harrisburg).

Who:  This Hunt is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, so CNJFO membership is NOT required.  Age 10 & up (with parental supervision)!

Why:  This is our Winter Fundraiser to FIGHT BAD GUN LAWS!  

How:  Pay a $200 deposit HERE:  http://www.cnjfo.com/event-2746575  to confirm your registration and your $200 balance is broken-up into (2) additional payments of just $100 each (total per animal is just $400)!  We invoice you to bill your credit card.  Or you may pay in-full at time of booking with a credit card or paper check mailed to our PO Box 768, Sewell, NJ  08080.


We will also be holding a raffle on the island featuring all sorts of great prizes including firearms instruction, ammo, range passes, CNJFO membership, CNJFO apparel, shooting accessories, and a ton of other useful prizes.  If someone here has a prize to donate, just contact us to do so!  Gun For Hire Goody Bags are given complimentary to each Hunter!

For those that wish to do a little more than merely "Shoot & Scoot" on a Sunday, we have a pre-Hunt Saturday filled with enough to do to make it worthwhile to bring a spouse or significant other along for the weekend!  In addition to a self-guided tour of Lancaster County countryside, also available on Saturday the 27th is a Winery Tour & Tasting of Nissley Wines in Bainbridge, PA!  Full range Winery from sweet to dry, priced right!  Split a case with a friend or take a case home for yourself!  http://www.nissleywine.com  .

Saturday night we go to Dinner at Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy, PA.  It's on the National Historic Register & they conduct a tour on the way to your seat!  We go to the Catacombs Restaurant, which is the storage area where kegs of beer were kept cold 30 feet underground as far back as the 1800's!  Full range menu, all popular brands of beer and their own award-winning creations.  Full bar for those so inclined.  http://www.bubesbrewery.com/restaurants/catacombs/  .

We stay at a Mount Joy, PA B&B that is GUN FRIENDLY (Rosey wears his brace of Colt Cap & Ball revolvers to Breakfast!), and costs LESS than the local Holiday Inn Express!  Doris's hearty home-cooked breakfast is served to us EARLY so we can drive the short 12-15 minutes to the Boat Ramp for the Hunt!  Here's the web site:  http://www.thevictorianrosebandb.com .  Bube's Brewery is just a short 4 block walk from the B&B!

You can butcher yourself (all animals will be field-dressed by the professional guide service, please TIP THEM) OR do what most do and transport your hog to V. Roche & Sons in Whitehouse Station, NJ.  Chic Roche is a master butcher, and a CNJFO sponsor.  No deposit is required.  In 2-3 weeks you'll get a call to come pick up your fully-processed hog.  YOU get to pick what you want done (we all LOVE his thick-cut BACON) with your animal.  Prices vary $225- $275 depending upon hanging weight after skinning and how much smoked pork products you desire.  Some of us get both smoked & fresh chops and hams.  

So please consider joining us as we travel to Bainbridge, PA to harvest some of Pennsylvania's best hogs & have some great camaraderie doing it!

Thanks for reading!

Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal, VP

Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO)


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12 hours ago, Scorpio64 said:

So, for two to three times the cost of a fully dressed pig from a butcher, we get the privilege of killing a destructive species for just just $400 a hog.  Thanks, I'll pass.

And some folks here wonder why almost ALL 2A groups tend to not bother with this forum??  LOL, maybe THIS^^^ is why??

FYI these hogs run 250-300 pounds prior to field dressing & skinning.  So your numbers are WAY OFF.  But no matter.  So congratulations on your "put-down" opinion.  I guess your Mama never told ya about "iffin' you got nuthin' good to say, to keep yer YAP SHUT"??

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UPDATE:  The Hunt is already half sold-out!  We still have slots available!

If anyone from here booked it, thank you kindly for recognizing a value & for your continued support of our mission!


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Sorry man, but paying $400 to kill a destructive animal that is costing farmers thousands every year, and only getting worse, is like the exterminator paying me to come and kill vermin in my home.  My mama (rest her soul) taught me that a fool and his money are easily parted and she didn't raise a fool.


EDIT:  I just noticed that this is a fundraiser, so, okay, maybe I jumped the gun a little.  I have participated in discussions on national forums about the problem of wild boar.  These bastards need to become extinct, like yesterday.

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    • By Smokin .50
      January Hunt already SOLD-OUT, so we asked for an additional date from the Guide Service (Sunday February 19th, 2017).
      Go to:  http://www.cnjfo.com 
    • By Smokin .50
      The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners ( http://www.cnjfo.com/store ) is holding a Hog Hunt on Sunday April 24, 2016 at 7:45 am on Mohr's Island, located just off Bainbridge, PA in the middle of the Susquehanna River.  The 150 acre island is home to Mohr's Exotic Island Hunts:  http://www.mohrswidowmaker.com and features farm-raised 250-300 pound Hogs that are harvested via a walking and stalking professionally guided Hunt.  
      I've used only black powder reproduction firearms to harvest the (3) Hogs I have thus far hunted on this great excursion, because I enjoy History and believe using antiques added more to the "fair-chase" aspect of my Hunts.  Twice with nothing more than a brace of Uberti Colt Dragoon and Colt Walker Cap and Ball Horse Pistols!  The third time I used my .50 cal Lyman Trade Rifle w/ 72 grains of Black Powder pushing a 370 grain T/C Maxi-Ball.  In the modern gun arena I've witnessed Hunters using compound bow w/ broadheads, .30-06 bolt-action, 12 ga. slugs, 8mm Mauser, .44 Magnum Ruger rifle, .44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk hand gun, AR-15's w/ .223 and 5.56mm, even a TC Contender w/ a 7 x .30 Waters wildcat cartridge.  They all work with good shot placement! 
      This Hunt is good for a seasoned pro looking to get some exercise OR for the complete Noob that's never hunted before.  There's something for everyone and lots of friendly ball-bustin' too!  I've hunted the island with teenagers, Moms, and old men.  The Guides keep everyone SAFE and well-fed to boot as LUNCH on the island is included.  All animals are field-dressed, rinsed-out on the boat ramp and then it's your responsibility to pack in ice (available directly across the street from the boat ramp) and transport to your Butcher.  They have a Butcher near them that they recommend, as well as a Taxidermist, and these services need SEPARATE scheduling with the Mohr's Guide Service.  ALL services other than the guided Hunt itself are YOUR financial responsibility.  Of course a "Hold Harmless" must be signed prior to start of Hunt.
      Your investment in this FUN Adventure is just $400 per animal, payable to CNJFO's online Store:  http://www.cnjfo.com/store .  This fee does NOT include butchering, transportation, ice bags for the animal's cavity OR a generous tip for our handsome Guides, so please plan on these additional expenses.  To reserve your spot on this great experience, please have your credit card ready and give us at least a $200 deposit per animal.  You'll be invoiced again in late March and mid-April with an additional payment of $100 due for each installment.  FULL payment is also an option, so it's entirely up to you!
      My Hogs were all processed at V. Roche and Son, Whitehouse Station, NJ, and since I want 1/2 fresh and 1/2 smoked, it runs me approx. $240 (payable 2 weeks after the Hunt, upon pick-up of butchered meats).
      CNJFO, New Jersey's only 501©3 (Charitable and Educational) Tax-Exempt 2A corporation, is committed to ending "Justifiable Need" in New Jersey.  A significant portion of the proceeds will benefit our Justifiable Need billboard campaign seen here:  http://www.JustifiableNeed.com .
      Interested parties (corporations and/or individuals) please contact me directly to learn how we can help your business and give you the recognition you deserve as a protector of our cherished Second Amendment freedoms!  Those that either can't go due to scheduling conflict or because they choose not to hunt can still help us with financial support in ANY amount!
      Please forward all inquiries to me either here or on the CNJFO Hog Hunt Facebook Page:  
      Thanks all for your friendship and continued support of CNJFO!
      David J. "Rosey" Rosenthal, Vice President
      Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners
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    • This is a parlor trick, not training for a gunfight - unless you are fighting a bowling pin that doesn't move while you also stand still. Yes, there is absolutly an instinctive part to gunfighting, but it's isn't point shooting. It's instinctively evaluating your sight picture and determining if it is good enough to hit or not while being cognitively aware of your threat, your  backstop, the foreground, and everything else in between. The evaluation of your sights becomes instinct through training that breeds procedural memory. The situational awareness comes from being able to fight through stress. Through training you should strive to reach the 4th level of achievement when running the gun - unconcious competence. Sight alignment, sight picture, reloads, manipulating the safety, malfunction clearing, admin functions and movement with muzzle awareness should be on autopilot freeing up what little ability you have to actually think under stress for the big decision - shoot or no-shoot, communicate, and environmental discrimination (discerning cover, concealment, and positions of advantage). I have talked to many folks that have been in gunfights and I have been trained by some of the best gunfighters alive. They all say the same thing - if you don't use your sights you don't get hits. These are not guys that were involved in a single incident and survived. This is from men that make their living carrying guns and putting bad people on the ground. They all stress the same thing use your sights. When shooting at another person, the only thing that tells you where your rounds are going is your sights. There is no berm, no neat black hole in a sheet of white paper. No ring of steel or bowling pin falling over. There is no spray of blood or chunks of meat flying. If you are lucky, your target will react - a flinch or wince, or maybe the targets shirt will puff out for an instant . If you are really lucky they will stagger or fall, but even those aren't definite indicators of even a peripheral hit, let alone a solid one. Maybe they tripped, maybe they are diving for cover. The only way to know if you are getting hits is to note the position of your sights relative to your target when you break the shot. Evaluate your intervention and reapply force as appropriate and necessary.
    • Jeff Cooper didn't believe in point shooting.  He believed in a "flash sight picture" which is about what you're talking about.  I also agree with Cooper that if you're properly trained, when the time comes "the target will be large, the range short, and you'll have plenty of time".  
    • I've been familiar with Lesniak for some time.  I've never heard of him supporting anything that wasn't liberal/progressive/socialist/communist dogma. I'm not interested in hunting. I also have nothing against it.  I agree with @RichP even trophy hunting has its place.  If nothing else it throws thousands of dollars into a local economy.  Rest assured if you go to Africa to hunt a lion, giraffe, elephant, hippo, or anything else that meat is eaten.  
    • Yes, that’s a good explanation.

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    • Target shooting means you squeeze the trigger when you have a clear sight picture. Combat shooting means you press the trigger when you have an acceptable sight picture.   Of course, in some cases, sights are optional.
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