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    • I definitely would recommend that anyone who is serious about competition shooting to train with DVC performance. Aaron always takes the time to explain new concepts and techniques. He doesn't rush through things. He makes sure that you have a solid foundation to build on. When I went his class, he corrected many bad habits, that I had picked up while shooting without guidance. These habits, even minute one that many of us don't really think about, can cost seconds on the timer. You want a instructor who can spot errors in your shooting stance, grip ,etc and correct them so you can be a better shooter . Aaron is definitely has the attention to detail you want in a shooter instructor. Since then, I've seen a noticeable improvement in my shooting ability. He also sent me home with various drills so that I can practice on my own.       
    • I posted this in the Formal Instruction thread, but it seems to have gotten lost there.  Thought some might find this interesting, or perhaps even helpful. Hope cross-posting is not a punishable offense.   I just spent a few days up in NH at Sig Sauer Academy over the weekend.  Took their one day Defensive Handgun 104, which was relatively basic, but a good review, particularly in one-handed weapons manipulation. The other class I attended was a two-day Extreme Close Quarters Battle Long Gun with Todd Rassa, which I really enjoyed.  I ran it with a Ruger PC9, a shotgun, and an AR.  It involved a lot of unsighted shooting from contact distances using compressed positions, plus it incorporated a good deal of armed and unarmed combatives.  It was more about fighting with a gun than it was about what we normally think of as shooting.  Despite my doing a lot of training, most of it was new to me and quite interesting.   Here's their description: I had not heard of Rassa before the class, but it turns out that he is a terrific instructor.  I would recommend SSA in general, as they offer a ton of classes.  Just wish they were a little closer.  On the upside, with a NH CCP you can carry the whole time you're there.  Note:  Turns out you don't even need a permit to carry there, as NH has gone Constitutional Carry.  God bless America!
    • If you want to a better competition shooter than you need to go to DVC and not a tactical shooting group.  I have trained and shot many matches with Aaron.  He knows the game and what it takes to excel.  Not just the shooting portion, which he will get perfected for you, but the stuff that wins matches, stage break down, movement,  where to save seconds, 1/2 seconds, tenths of seconds.  This is what wins matches, this is what makes you a great match shooter.  You want an instructor that knows this.  Few do, but Aaron does and he will show you that on the shot timer.  
    • I was there 2 years  ago and a drunk dude ran past security and climbed the fence the overhangs the track. He was siting with one leg dangling over the edge of the fence as cars flew under him at 100+ miles an hour. They didn’t even call a caution
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