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    • By remixer
      Fausti Excelsior Model 88 12ga
      Great Condition  -  $350.00
      Additional Pictures on request.





    • By remixer
      Browning A5 12Ga (Circa 1967)
      Mint Condition , No Cracks in the stock  -  $750.00
      Additional Pictures on request.


    • By SIGMan Freud
      With so many registered shoots going on, I thought I'd try a new range in South Jersey and visited Quinton in Salem County and have since gone back.
      It's a nice facility overall, offering Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays and 5-Stand. I've been there twice for Trap and Sporting Clays and both were busy, but not crowded. On the Trap field, the shooters were pretty laid back and friendly and the woman, Lisa, who was running the show was super helpful. I went with my son and both being new to Trap, I appreciated the advice from the guys just hanging out. It's the kind of place that gets a lot of regulars and they sit around and chew the fat and, when there's enough for a squad, or when Lisa is trying to fill a squad, someone will get up and join. You know there are regulars when a shooter goes down into the trap house to check on the trap or set it up for doubles. It was a pretty good mix of people, yeah, plenty of middle-aged and elderly men, but a few women and juniors as well.  It was a very comfortable place to shoot and I recommend it, though it is a haul (for me) being so far south. 
      They only have one Sporting Clay course as far as I know and it's nicely laid out in the woods along winding, stoned paths. We found the presentations fairly hard - definitely more difficult than the Woods course at Cedar Creek, for example. Lots of longer distance targets. 
      I don't shoot skeet but they have a couple of skeet ranges that look to be in good condition. I've not seen anyone on the skeet range either time I've been there.
      Prices per round weren't bad - $30 for 100 Sporting Clays and $5 for a round of Trap (non-member prices). Clubhouses are nice. No ammo for sale.
    • By High Exposure
      I was debating putting this in the Handgun or the Shotgun forum. Mods, if you think it will get better traffic there, please move it.
      So, my buddy just picked one of these up after a long back and forth conversation with NJSP. They said he was good to go as long as it was on a Pistol Permit:

      Thought some of you guys may be interested.
      I have no clue as to the quality, reliability, or function of this platform. I just thought it was cool that it was good to go in NJ. A rare exception to the "If you have to ask in Jersey" clause.
    • By SIGMan Freud
      I haven't shot a shotgun in years (and never clay), but I've got it in my head to give it a go as I'm a little bored shooting at paper targets.
      So where does one go to get started? Just go to a trap facility, for example, and order a rack of clays and just have at it? (That sounds expensive). Find a class or instructor somewhere? I'm in South Jersey and I came across Pine Valley (which doesn't seem to offer instruction that I can see). Also found a place called Cedar Creek in Millville that looks to offer personal instruction. 
      Appreciate any advice to a novice (shotgunner). 
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